Our Science Day!

On the 12th of March Port Ellen Primary School had a science day,when parents could come into school to what we have been learning in STEAM. STEAM stands for science,Technology,Engineering,Arts and Math’s.In the p7 class we had programmed Microbits to solve a problem in Islay. We also had a experiment table were you separate ingredients from a mixture using sieving and more.In the hall downstairs we had Kapla and this group had made a massive tower but then it fell over.Then in the lunch hall bit we had dash and spheros and programmed then to draw and play games.The reason we held this science day was to let parents and children to test out are new STEAM room and to play around with all of are new science equipment.One of the really interesting things was the merge cubes that you could scan and make it do things on a app.

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