Coal is a non-renewable energy source and it is also a fossil fuel.  Fossil fuels are a source of energy that takes millions of years to form and people use them so much that someday they will run out; coal is a fossil fuel. To produce electricity coal is burned to heat water and produce steam; the steam then propels the blades of the turbine. Then it is attached to a generator and this produces electricity.

electricity from coal

There are advantages and disadvantages about coal. The advantages are:

  • Coal can be found in a lot of places and there is still plenty in the UK
  • Coal can be easily transported to the power station
  • Coal is a relatively cheap energy source
  • There are many coal reserves in the world

The coal disadvantages are:

To dig up coal, we have to dig up mines and they can be dangerous

  • Transporting coal by lorry and train mine to the power station causes pollution in the world
  •  Coal is a non-renewable source and will eventually run out in around 100 years
  • Burning coal releases greenhouse gases which add to global warming

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