P7 Induction Days

On Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 20th of June the P7 went to the high school for their induction days for high school.  Me Sarah and Taylor are in McBean. Rowan, Sophie and Matthew are in Winnard and Abi and Lauren are in Bryce.  My favorite class in high school was  P.E because we got to play bench ball and at lunch break the S1 girls got to go and try touch rugby. Now I am really looking forward to high school when I go to it in August.

By Rebecca Morris

Nicola Davies Visit

Yesterday Nicola Davies came in to talk with us about her books as part of the Scottish Book Trust 20th Anniversary Tour.  She has mostly based her stories with animals in them because before she was an author she was a zoologist and there was a book that she was telling us about and it was about a boy that got his arm pulled of  by a lion, it’s name was The Lion Who Stole My Arm. The  real story that it was based on was about a 5 year old boy who got attacked by a lion and even though his arm didn’t come off he had to get it amputated because the attack was so bad. She was also telling us about animals that she was looking at such as: lionesses, humpback whales etc. When she was talking to us about the humpback whales she noticed when she was studying them that mostly every day and hour of the day the whales would eat then eat then eat again. Also to have a little fun we learned how to sing like a whale.  Nicola Davies also wrote a climate change book called Gaiya and because we are doing climate change as one of out topics that was very interesting. We also wrote climate change poems. We have been researching a lot of different facts and effects that climate change has on the world. We could either write a kenning, a haiku or a free verse poem.  We thought that the visit as very exciting learning about lots of different animals.

By Rebecca and Rowan


Coal is a non-renewable energy source and it is also a fossil fuel.  Fossil fuels are a source of energy that takes millions of years to form and people use them so much that someday they will run out; coal is a fossil fuel. To produce electricity coal is burned to heat water and produce steam; the steam then propels the blades of the turbine. Then it is attached to a generator and this produces electricity.

electricity from coal

There are advantages and disadvantages about coal. The advantages are:

  • Coal can be found in a lot of places and there is still plenty in the UK
  • Coal can be easily transported to the power station
  • Coal is a relatively cheap energy source
  • There are many coal reserves in the world

The coal disadvantages are:

To dig up coal, we have to dig up mines and they can be dangerous

  • Transporting coal by lorry and train mine to the power station causes pollution in the world
  •  Coal is a non-renewable source and will eventually run out in around 100 years
  • Burning coal releases greenhouse gases which add to global warming

Aerospace Engineering

In class we all researched an engineer. I researched aerospace engineering. To be an aerospace engineer you have to have a lot of qualifications such as: Software engineering, electrical engineering, you need to know mathematics,  you need to have applied some physics, manufacturing engineering and you need to have completed some space related courses.  They also need to have a lot of different skills like: To be able to think creatively, problem solving, strong knowledge of aerospace systems, organizational skills, time-management and writing skills. This job includes: applying science and technology to create aircraft, researching and developing designs.It also includes taking part in flight test programs to measure take-off distances, measuring and improving the performing of aircraft and investing aircraft accidents.  Now I definitely know more about aerospace engineering that I knew before.  I was very interested when I was learning about it and I would like to do it again.

By Rebecca Morris

STEM Minecraft

On Wednesday 15th March P6/7 from all over the island went to the Islay  High School  to work with the STEM  ambassadors and one of the activities was Minecraft Education. When we were tinkering with that we were learning how to use debugging because if you make something wrong you have to find out what is wrong and then you have to fix it yourself.  Also when I was playing on Minecraft I had to use logic because I had to figure out how to use Minecraft on a laptop because I had never used it before.  When I was playing  Minecraft I noticed that there were different materials that you can you such as cameras and different blocks.

When I got used to playing Minecraft education I started building myself a house but when I finished my house somebody blew it up so I just decided just to join a new world.

Overall I think that the day was great!

By Rebecca Morris