STEM Minecraft

On Wednesday 15th March P6/7 from all over the island went to the Islay  High School  to work with the STEM  ambassadors and one of the activities was Minecraft Education. When we were tinkering with that we were learning how to use debugging because if you make something wrong you have to find out what is wrong and then you have to fix it yourself.  Also when I was playing on Minecraft I had to use logic because I had to figure out how to use Minecraft on a laptop because I had never used it before.  When I was playing  Minecraft I noticed that there were different materials that you can you such as cameras and different blocks.

When I got used to playing Minecraft education I started building myself a house but when I finished my house somebody blew it up so I just decided just to join a new world.

Overall I think that the day was great!

By Rebecca Morris

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