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International Film Club

The International Film Club has started after school on Tuesdays. We will be watching a series of films with an international theme or link. We have already watched a short film called The Barrel about a boy living near an oil field in Venezuela. We had to concentrate hard as the film was in Spanish with English subtitles! We are now watching an animation film made by a Japanese director and animation company. The film is called Ponyo and it is a  magical adventure film about a fish who changes into a girl after she is discovered trapped in a jar at the seashore by a little boy. We are enjoying it so far!

Netball Tournament

Today the school netball team competed in the Livingston Netball League alongside Livingston Village PS, Harrysmuir PS, Knightsridge PS and Parkhead PS.

We were all very focused on improving our skills rather than on winning as most of our team are new to netball. We came 5th overall which we are very proud of. The team were very supportive towards each other and feel much more confident now they have experienced some league games. This opportunity helped us to focus in on the court positions that we prefer or would like to experience more. We are also looking to recruit some new members!

We are excited to play in the league again in May/June 2016.

Congratulations to the team! Williamston is very proud of you!

Meet the new Williamston Waves Crew

Williamston Waves started back up again this week with a new team of presenters.  We have some returning experts from last year and some eager new recruits in Primary 6 and 7, and we had our first after-school session yesterday to begin to plan our show format.  We have been looking at things we would like to keep in the show and some new ideas for 2016 and are very excited about beginning our Friday broadcasts.

Here are your Williamston Waves DJs…………


We also have Finlay from P6 and Rachel from P7.  Miss Robertson will be supporting the group as they begin to develop their ideas and settle into a routine of scripting and broadcasting their own shows.

We still have some spaces in the group available, so if you think you’d be interested in joining, please speak to Miss Robertson as soon as possible.

Listen out for our first broadcast sometime soon, where the team will introduce themselves to the school.

Scottish Children’s Book Awards

During Book Week Scotland the three shortlisted books were read to us by Mrs Hollands, Mr Taylor and Mrs McKenzie. All children have now voted for their favourite book………………..

In 3rd place with 95 votes was “Wanted! Ralfy Rabbit Book Burglar”

In 2nd place with 105 votes was “Mouse’s First Night at Moonlight School”

In 1st place with 129 votes was “Never Tickle a Tiger”

Well done to “Never Tickle a Tiger” a worthy winner. The results of our vote will now be forwarded to the Scottish Book Trust.

Comic Challenge

During Book Week Scotland, children were asked to design and create a page for a comic book. We were blown away by the number of entries. The library afterschool club had an extremely difficult job deciding on the winners.

The winners were:

Primary 1 – Orla, Primary 1b

Primary 2 – Sarah, Primary 3/2

Primary 3 – Eve, Primary 3b

Primary 4 – Jack, Primary 4b

Primary 5 – Connor, Primary 5a

Primary 6 – Erin, Primary 6b

Primary 7 – Marek, Primary 7a

All the winning entries have now been framed and are displayed in school. All entries will be made into books for our library. Well done to all the winners.