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World Book Day

Happy World Book Day!

Today we celebrated World Book Day by “doing something booky”. We held a Book Swap in school which was a great success and enjoyed by all the children. Throughout the school, children took part in a wide range of creative activities including design a book token in the style of “oodles of doodles”. We looked at doodles from famous illustrators to get our creative juices flowing!

All classes will be taking part in a Treasure Chest Challenge over the next few weeks. Further details of this exciting competition to follow………

The winners of the Design a Door Book Jacket Competition were announced. Congratulations to :

Alana Miller (P2/1)

Evrynomi Mylonopoulou (P3a)

Patrick Cormack (P4a)

Kyle Craig (P4B)

Aimee Roulston (P5a)

Jemma Harrison (P5b)

Abbie Neil (P6a)

Ruby Wallace (P6b)

Finley Hunter (P7a)

Erin Parson (P7b)

We look forward to seeing your fantastic designs around the school very soon.

Remember, keep on reading!

P4-7 Scottish Poetry Competition

On Thursday, we held our annual Scottish poetry competition. All entries were outstanding and the judges were really impressed. It is a real skill to be able to fluently recite Scots poetry and our pupils made it look so easy! Well done to all pupils who participated in recitals either within their own classes or at the competition; you are all stars! trim-c5571f68-f8da-4b6a-86d6-f0d2ba4840c0

Book Week Scotland 2016

We celebrated Book Week Scotland with lots of exciting activities. The focus this year was Roald Dahl. On Monday, P3 and P4 enjoyed fantastic BFG workshops delivered by One Day Creative. We enjoyed Mrs Hollands, Miss Noble and Mr Brice reading the three books shortlisted for the Scottish Children’s Book Awards over the tannoy. The overwhelming winner was “Shark in the Park on a Windy Day” by Nick Sharratt. We took part in paired reading, Authors Live events and designed a new front cover for a Roald Dahl book. We also created props from Roald Dahl books and took them along to the whole school assembly on Friday. What a wonderful way to round off a fun packed week!

Don’t our dream jars look great!

bws-logos-cmyk-pink-hr2016 101_1603 101_1599 101_1574

This week in Primary One

We have now been introduced to all the sounds of the alphabet and are practising lots ahead of our assessment next week. Please help us to learn our sounds and build words at home.

We have been learning about the seasons of the year and love listening to the Pancake manor Seasons song. If you are out for a walk this weekend perhaps you could look for signs and clues that tell us it is Autumn?

Our new number of the week is 11. Can you go on a number hunt around the house or local area to find it? Maybe someone can take a picture of you beside the number 11 and upload it to our blog?

JYHS – ‘German Adventure’

Both the P7 classes really enjoyed themselves this morning at JYHS. They engaged in a modern languages event called ‘The German Adventure’. There, they were able to work with S1 pupils and P7 pupils from another school.


Please enjoy looking at our photographs on Twitter!


P7 classes 🙂

A fun week of learning in P3b

We have had a busy time in P3b this week! We started the week with a dance session with dance teacher Amy, where we enjoyed some contemporary dancing with a ‘Scottish twist’! We are looking forward to learning the next part of the dance routine on Monday 26th!

Ronald Dahl has been a big focus this week as it was his 100th birthday on Tuesday. We LOVE Roald Dahl in P3b and have had many laughs reading ‘The Twits’! This week, we have been creating Mr Twit’s beard and even finding out our names if we were a Roald Dahl character! Come and ask us more about it! We have also been talking about adjectives and coming up with some amazing examples to describe The Twits and other characters we have created this week!

On Wednesday at PE, we worked in teams and played the ‘raft game’- come and ask more about it and why we had to work together to be successful!

I maths we have been looking at ‘tens and ones’ and partitioning numbers. We are experts now at splitting numbers like 65 into tens and ones. We know that there are 6 sets of ten in 65 and 5 ‘ones’ left over! We have also been developing our mental arithmetic skills everyday, too!

We hope everyone has a lovely holiday weekend!

It’s amazing what you can learn in 4 weeks!!!

The boys and girls in Primary One have made a great start to their learning and are settling into school so well.

In Numeracy we have been learning to recognise and name numbers 0-10, counting forwards and backwards and counting the number of dots in patterns as well as trying to make our own dot patterns. At home, games which use dice and dominoes can help us recognise these patterns.

In Literacy we have been learning the following sounds: m,c,k,s,a,i,p,t,n,f,b,h,e,o,u and d. We are learning how to blend/crash these sounds together to make words. Here are some words for you to practise building at home, using the sounds in our tubs: map mat man cat cap can sit sip tin tap tan pen ten hen

We have also started learning some key words for our reading books. Please help us to practise these words when we bring them home on Friday by playing games such as matching pairs with the words.

Busy Week in Primary 1

It has been another very busy week for Primary 1. The boys and girls have enjoyed taking part in Health Week activities and they particularly liked their Dance and Enjoy-a-ball sessions.

P6130745 P6130752

If only you could see how good we were throwing, catching, rolling, balancing a ball.

The boys and girls in Primary 1 took part in the Empty Classroom Day today. We all took our learning outside and we are very proud of our well done work. Look at our letters! They are all neat, beautiful and formed correctly! And that is not easy when writing with chalk.

P6170765 P6170766

We also had a very successful achievement assembly. We are so proud of the children who received certificates this month.P6170759 P6170760 P6170761 P6170763 P6170764 101_4321

We are looking forward to performing our dances in front of our friends from P2 on Monday afternoon.

P6 – Author Study

Last weeks Reading Activity was based on reading for information and our Social Subjects focus of Space (see our display for evidence of your work 🙂 ). This week I would like you to hop back into your novels… but more specifically your authors. FIND OUT MORE AND COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING.


Can you share your findings in the comments box below so we can all access your work?

If you finish early can you take the following quiz…. – I’d be interested to hear your feedback here too.



P6 Author Study Reading Activity
P6 Author Study Reading Activity