It’s amazing what you can learn in 4 weeks!!!

The boys and girls in Primary One have made a great start to their learning and are settling into school so well.

In Numeracy we have been learning to recognise and name numbers 0-10, counting forwards and backwards and counting the number of dots in patterns as well as trying to make our own dot patterns. At home, games which use dice and dominoes can help us recognise these patterns.

In Literacy we have been learning the following sounds: m,c,k,s,a,i,p,t,n,f,b,h,e,o,u and d. We are learning how to blend/crash these sounds together to make words. Here are some words for you to practise building at home, using the sounds in our tubs: map mat man cat cap can sit sip tin tap tan pen ten hen

We have also started learning some key words for our reading books. Please help us to practise these words when we bring them home on Friday by playing games such as matching pairs with the words.

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