Support for Learning

Our S f L Vision

Support for all learners, in all classrooms, by all staff.


Our S f L Values

  1. Ensure that potential barriers to learning are minimised through Universal and Targeted Support, based on the individual child.
  2. Plan for, assess and regularly monitor and evaluate our provision of high-quality support that enables all children achieve success.
  3. Maintain strong partnerships with parents and other partners that support our children.

~ What is Support for Learning at Williamston? ~

Our vision and values for SfL play a huge role in this. At Williamston we want support to be not only robust, but also well-paced, meaningful and inclusive.  We have high expectations of all our learners, therefore support is embedded in all classes for all learners, tailored to meet certain children’s needs & group and/or individual targets. Together with Class Teachers, Pupil Support Workers, Additional Support for Learning Co-ordinator and other agencies where required (Speech and Language, Autism Outreach etc.), there is a large team of people working to ensure barriers to learning are minimised.

~ What will Support for Learning look like at Williamston? ~


We want to take what has worked previously in SfL, as well as creating new systems and approaches to the delivery of support. Where possible, support will happen in a child’s classroom, ensuring the quality and pace of learning activities are maintained, as well as supporting an inclusive model. On occasions, where more one-to-one time is required, the SfL base will be a working environment for both groups and individuals.


Support for Learning will happen throughout the school day, Monday-Friday. Within this there will be planned liaison time for learners, practitioners and parents, in order to maximise pupil progress.


  • Class Teachers
  • Pupil Support Workers
  • Additional Support for Learning Co-ordinator
  • Other Agencies – Speech and Language Therapy, Ed. Psyc., Social Work, Autism Outreach, LAC Outreach, Literacy, Outreach Team, Numeracy Outreach Team etc.

See our detailed leaflet and map below for more information (please click on the links).

S f L Parent Leaflet_WPS

SfL Map