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P1A’s Responsibility Assembly

It has been a busy week in P1A preparing an oscar worthy performance for our parents and the pupils in P1, 2 and 3. The children took responsibility for planning the assembly and gave the teachers great ideas about what they wanted to include in the show. Here are the children’s favourite parts:

Joshua, Zeno, Finn, Alfie, Sophie, Ella and Harry enjoyed the story of Rosa Rabbit.

Aria, Ruby, Matthew, Daisy, Madison, Sadie, Alex and Thomas enjoyed singing the Responsibility song.

Ben, Isla, Rory and Bobby enjoyed watching the video of pupils and staff sharing their examples of when they had been responsible.

McKenzie enjoyed using the microphone.

Thank you to everyone who came and watched us.

What’s been happening in P1 this week? 27.1.17

In Numeracy this week we have been practising our counting skills and even counting in 2s! This is helping us to learn about odd and even numbers. We have also enjoyed learning to sort objects by colour, shape and size.

In Literacy this week we have learnt how to blend s with other sounds and have been making words beginning with st, sp, sl, sm, sn, sk and sc. We love playing games when our teachers give us a letter, muddle us up and then see if we can use our sounding out skills to make a given word eg spot, stop. Perhaps this is a game you could play with the sounds in our sound tubs this weekend?

This week we learnt about our sense of smell. We had to guess what was in the cups just by smelling it. Some of the smells were nicer than others….we really didn’t like the vinegar!

We have enjoyed opportunities to celebrate Burns day at the poetry competition and singalong. We were so proud of Daniel, Eli, Erin, Joshua, Rory and Sophie for reciting their poems in front of an audience.

What we have been learning this week in P1A 13.1.17

Happy New Year to all our families. After a lovely long holiday our brains are ready to start learning again and we have had such a busy week! Here are some of the things we have enjoyed learning this week:

Zeno enjoyed learning about our sense of hearing. Bobby and Finn liked learning about how our nerves take messages to our brains.

Joshua enjoyed looking for rhyming words in our Dr Seuss story.

Thomas, Sadie and Sophie have enjoyed learning to tell the time.

Matthew enjoyed our assembly about equality. Alex and McKenzie liked the new songs we learned.

Jamie enjoyed learning about how water changes to ice in Science.

Isla, Ella, Daisy, Aria and Madison are excited about our new Fairyland topic and are looking forward to building Fairyland in the classroom. Rory and Alfie enjoyed writing descriptions of what they thought the Fairyland dragon would be like. Harry and Alexis are wondering what the dragon actually looks like.

Primary One start the countdown to Christmas!

We have been so busy practising our nativity this week and are looking forward to performing for you. Many thanks for all your help at home to learn our words.

This week we have been learning about 3D objects. Perhaps you could look around your house and see if you can find examples of cylinders, cubes, cones, cuboids and spheres.

Our new sound this week was wh and our tricky words were you and your. Please continue to practise word building at home.

Please could we remind everyone that, although readingbooks are only collected in on a Monday, it is important that the children have their reading book at school every day so that they can participate in group reading and independent reading activities.

Many thanks for your continued support.

Primary One’s weekly update

This week in Primary One we have been learning the ‘ch’ sound and action. Please help us to build words like chip, chop, chat and chick at home.

Our number of the week was 16 and we have been talking about all the things we know about 16 eg what number it comes after, how to write it, ways to make 16 using our fingers and toes. I wonder what next week’s number will be?!!

With Christmas fast approaching our nativity rehearsals have begun. Parts and any lines to learn will be sent home next week so please look out for these and help us to practise at home.

As the weather changes we are becoming quicker and better at getting ourselves prepared for wet and cold playtimes. Please ensure all outdoor clothes are labelled clearly to prevent our lost property bag filling up.

Primary One time travellers!!

101_4606 101_4610 101_4612 101_4617 101_4618 101_4621This week we were ever so excited to meet Nancy, AKA Super Gran! She will be helping us learn about the past and what it was like when she was a little girl. This week we had a look at her suitcase full of things that were special to her. Everything looked and smelt so old. We had to resist the temptation to try one of her favourite rhubarb and custard sweets!

We then got to work designing and building our own time machines to take us back to when Super Gran was a girl.

When she visits next week we will be looking at how houses have changed over the years. 101_4629pb040919Maybe if you have time at the weekend you could take a local walk and look at and talk about the different housing in the area.

This week we have learnt the ee and oo long vowel sounds. Please practise these, and all other sounds, at home. Ask us what happens to our mouth shape when we make these sounds.

We have also learnt tricky words be and was and are becoming very good at spotting these in books we are reading.

Congratulations to all the boys and girls who received a certificate at this year’s first achievement assembly. We are so proud of ALL the children and what they have achieved so far this year so it was very difficult to pick 5 special people!

Our busy week in Primary One

Can you believe our first term in Primary One is nearly finished?!

What a fun and busy time we have had. Our teachers are so proud of how well we have settled into school and are enjoying helping us on our learning journey.

This week we started to learn tricky words and they really are called tricky for a reason!! These words don’t always sound the way we think they should so to help us learn them we need as much practise as possible. The words introduced this week were: I, the and he.

You may have noticed a word wall in our reading folders. These are the words we will be working on in class for at least the next 6 weeks. There is no set completion date for this activity.

We have really enjoyed being part of the whole school community this week. Some P6 pupils have been working with a DJ and invited us to a disco to showcase their new mixing skills. We are looking forward to the Harvest assembly today when we will get to sing our favourite combine harvester song…chug, chug, chug, chug, chugging away!!!!

Have an amazing holiday and thanks again for your continued support.

This week in Primary One

We have now been introduced to all the sounds of the alphabet and are practising lots ahead of our assessment next week. Please help us to learn our sounds and build words at home.

We have been learning about the seasons of the year and love listening to the Pancake manor Seasons song. If you are out for a walk this weekend perhaps you could look for signs and clues that tell us it is Autumn?

Our new number of the week is 11. Can you go on a number hunt around the house or local area to find it? Maybe someone can take a picture of you beside the number 11 and upload it to our blog?

23.9.16 This week in Primary One…

We have been learning the sounds g,v and x. Here are some new words for you to practise making with your sounds at home:

box fox van got bag mix six

It is great to hear from the children about the games they have been playing with their reading words at home. Keep up the good work!!


We are becoming much more confident at counting forwards and backwards within 10 and if you tell us a sequence of 3 numbers eg “2,3,4” we can tell you which number comes next.  We have also been learning the days of the week and love singing them. Visit if you would like to sing along at home!!

Have a lovely weekend

Primary One and teachers

It’s amazing what you can learn in 4 weeks!!!

The boys and girls in Primary One have made a great start to their learning and are settling into school so well.

In Numeracy we have been learning to recognise and name numbers 0-10, counting forwards and backwards and counting the number of dots in patterns as well as trying to make our own dot patterns. At home, games which use dice and dominoes can help us recognise these patterns.

In Literacy we have been learning the following sounds: m,c,k,s,a,i,p,t,n,f,b,h,e,o,u and d. We are learning how to blend/crash these sounds together to make words. Here are some words for you to practise building at home, using the sounds in our tubs: map mat man cat cap can sit sip tin tap tan pen ten hen

We have also started learning some key words for our reading books. Please help us to practise these words when we bring them home on Friday by playing games such as matching pairs with the words.