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P1 Planting

101_4087 101_4115 101_4125 101_4137Yesterday all the Primary One’s were given the very special job of helping to make the willow den. We each had a stem of willow which we had to push deep into the ground…it was really hard work! Over the next month the willow stems will take root and then we will be able to play in the den. As the school’s youngest pupils we will be able to watch the willows grow over the next 6 years and help take responsibility for looking after them.

Primary 1A’s Inspire Afternoon

101_4015 101_4017 101_4018 101_4019 101_4020 101_4021 101_4022 101_4023 101_4024 101_4025 101_4026 101_4027 101_4029 101_4031 101_4032 101_4034 101_4035 101_4037 101_4039 101_4040 101_4041 101_4042 101_4043 101_4044 101_4045 101_4046 101_4048 101_4049 101_4050 101_4051 101_4052 101_4053 101_4054 101_4055 101_4057 101_4059 101_4060 101_4061101_4061 101_4060 101_4059 101_4057 101_4055 101_4054 101_4053 101_4052 101_4051 101_4050 101_4049 101_4048 101_4045 101_4044 101_4040 101_4041 101_4042 101_4043What an amazing afternoon we all had yesterday! It was an absolute privilege to have so many parents come in and support the children in the creation of their Scottish landmark masterpieces. Everyone felt such a sense of achievement when we viewed a slideshow of the afternoon this morning and I felt very proud of the positive feedback the children were giving to each other as they watched everyone’s creations appear on screen. A huge success all round!!

P1 Numeracy for the term

Welcome back! We hope you all had a lovely holiday and are feeling refreshed and ready for learning.

This term we will be focusing on the following Numeracy skills:

* counting forwards and backwards accurately within 40 and beyond
* ordering, reading and writing numbers within 40 and beyond
* number stories to 10
* strategies for addition eg counting on from biggest number, using doubles, finger patterns, using numberlines
*making amounts of money to 10p
*counting amounts of money to 20p

A Numeracy Homework leaflet will be sent home next week to provide ideas of how you might support your child’s learning at home. Many thanks for your continued support. The P1 Teachers.

Super Gran comes to Primary One

100_3831 - CopyOur new topic has us travelling back in time as we discover what life was like for Super Gran (aka Nancy) when she was our age. We have explored the kitchen and were so shocked to discover she didn’t have a washing machine! Imagine it was a wet and muddy playtime? Nancy’s mummy would have been very unhappy with her!! Our friend Emma (a creative Arts specialist working with Primary One) has helped us to imagine what life was like back then. We have been on summer holidays and enjoyed recreating photographs in Nancy’s photo album of her memories.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

102_4303It’s been a fun filled week in Primary One. After our star-studded performance on Tuesday morning we partied away all afternoon and enjoyed a visit from Santa Claus. He seemed confident we were all on his nice list! On Wednesday afternoon we had the opportunity to share our learning with our buddies when they came to see Fairyland and helped us make clocks and carriages for Cinderella. Then on Thursday afternoon it was the buddies turn to lead the activities during our Christmas Art afternoon. We hope you like our snowmen and Christmas lights!

We would like to say a huge thank you to all our Primary One families for their support this year and for their generous Christmas gifts. We hope you all have a wonderful holiday and look forward to seeing you all again in 2016.

The Sleepy Stargazers

Nativity practise 008 Nativity practise 009 Nativity practise 004This has been such a busy week practising for our Nativity. For you we hope it will be a wonderful and enjoyable show but for us it has been so much more and we have developed many new skills. Our confidence has grown and our reading improved just by learning and delivering our lines. With the help of Mrs Thomson our acting skills might just see us appearing on next year’s Oscars list! As for our singing….well your ears are in for a treat!! Thank you so much for all your support at home to help us learn our lines. Please make sure your child brings anything required for their costume (as detailed in letter) on Monday for our dress rehearsal.