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Who knew Fairytales could help you learn about shapes?!!!

Another exciting afternoon was had by all in Primary One today. While we were outside enjoying the rain the Friendly Dragon popped in and left us another letter. He told us all about his favourite story ‘Hansel and Gretel’ and how it helped him to learn about 2D shapes. We then went to work creating witches and houses using circles, squares, rectangles and triangles to help us. Our classroom is looking fantastic and we can’t wait to show you our Fairyland later this term. 100_3410

This week in Fairyland…

PB060296       The Friendly Dragon left us the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. We enjoyed listening to the story and then set to work to make our own       beanstalk. We use lots of different media to create our beanstalk and our teachers think we did a splendid job!

We look forward to finding out what the next story will be.

The Friendly Dragon visits Primary One!!

What an exciting afternoon we had yesterday. When we came in from lunch there was fairy dust all over our classroom floor. We wondered where it had come from and then we saw that a letter had been left for us. The letter was from a Friendly dragon who desperately needs our help. Fairyland has disappeared and all the Fairytale creatures are so sad. We are going to help the dragon to rebuild Fairyland and have already been designing how we think the new fairyland should look and writing letters to the dragon to let him know we’re happy to help!

Primary 2 and 2/1’s Visit to Scotland Street Museum

Scotland street 045Scotland street 044

Visit to Scotland street Museum 034

Visit to Scotland street Museum 036Today we were transported back in time and all we had learned about Magic Grandad’s School days came to life!!! We had a fantastic time experiencing school as it was for children who lived 80 years ago. We would encourage you to ask your child to share their favourite parts of the day with you as we are sure they will paint a far better picture than we ever could!!! Please enjoy the photos and videos attached.

Magic Grandad’s School Day

This week we have been finding out about what Magic Grandad’s school day was like. We were amazed to discover that Magic Grandad had assembly every day. The assemblies were quite different and achievement certificates were only given once a year!! The children had to sit in rows and were not allowed to move around the classroom. There were no games and activities to help the children learn and the whole class did the lesson at the same time. Next week we will be learning about objects found in Magic Grandad’s classroom. If you have any junk at home please send it in for us to recreate some of these objects.

Fun in the Snow

Yesterday Primary 2 and 2/1 had lots of fun in the snow. We built snowmen and investigated how the snow looked, felt and tasted. We made predictions about how long our snowmen would take to melt. Most people thought the snow on the ground would melt quicker than the snowman. Here is a picture of what was left of the snowmen this morning!