What we have been learning this week in P1A 13.1.17

Happy New Year to all our families. After a lovely long holiday our brains are ready to start learning again and we have had such a busy week! Here are some of the things we have enjoyed learning this week:

Zeno enjoyed learning about our sense of hearing. Bobby and Finn liked learning about how our nerves take messages to our brains.

Joshua enjoyed looking for rhyming words in our Dr Seuss story.

Thomas, Sadie and Sophie have enjoyed learning to tell the time.

Matthew enjoyed our assembly about equality. Alex and McKenzie liked the new songs we learned.

Jamie enjoyed learning about how water changes to ice in Science.

Isla, Ella, Daisy, Aria and Madison are excited about our new Fairyland topic and are looking forward to building Fairyland in the classroom. Rory and Alfie enjoyed writing descriptions of what they thought the Fairyland dragon would be like. Harry and Alexis are wondering what the dragon actually looks like.

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