What’s been happening in P1 this week? 27.1.17

In Numeracy this week we have been practising our counting skills and even counting in 2s! This is helping us to learn about odd and even numbers. We have also enjoyed learning to sort objects by colour, shape and size.

In Literacy this week we have learnt how to blend s with other sounds and have been making words beginning with st, sp, sl, sm, sn, sk and sc. We love playing games when our teachers give us a letter, muddle us up and then see if we can use our sounding out skills to make a given word eg spot, stop. Perhaps this is a game you could play with the sounds in our sound tubs this weekend?

This week we learnt about our sense of smell. We had to guess what was in the cups just by smelling it. Some of the smells were nicer than others….we really didn’t like the vinegar!

We have enjoyed opportunities to celebrate Burns day at the poetry competition and singalong. We were so proud of Daniel, Eli, Erin, Joshua, Rory and Sophie for reciting their poems in front of an audience.

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