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P5A & P5B are excited about the year ahead!

Primary 5 are so excited about starting off a brand new year in P5! We have started off this term with activities centred around friendship and wellbeing. We are taking care to show empathy and are making links with our school values of Respect, Responsibility & Kindness. We love these values! We will be developing strategies in growthmindset and resilience. WE are also learning about place value in Numeracy and will be learning all about 2 and 3D shape. This week we have been finding out about Climate Change and have had such interesting and thoughtful discussions. We are developing our skills in compassion and citizenship by making links to ‘Global Goals’. We are already planning exciting events such as the school’s Harvest celebration. We can’t wait to find out about how Miss Brown’s trip to India goes and have made some lovely pieces of art for her to take over and show the school in Mumbai. Watch this space….. Primary 5 are building their Learning Power!

Smalls for All – Pants Day

We have been learning more about the work of the charity Smalls for All and how it helps people in some African countries by providing new underwear and funding the education of some children. The Smalls for All group had the opportunity to interview Maria MacNamara MBE, the charity’s founder, recently and they were inspired to hear how her actions have made a difference to the lives of so many others. Classes have also been discussing whether clean pants are a “need” or a “want”, as well as finding out more about the lives of some of the children helped by the charity. This learning has been related to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and The Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

The Smalls for All group would like to thank everyone for making the “Pants Fun Day” such a success. We collected hundreds of pairs of pants – they filled 8 big bags! We have given them all to the charity and they will send them to children in Africa. They hope to give each child 3 pairs of pants for Christmas.

Thank you for all your competition entries in the “Design a Pair of Pants” competition. There were so many wonderful designs and it was really hard to judge the competition. Pam from the charity helped us to pick the winners and runners-up: P1-3 Runner-Up – Ethan Lawson P3/2, P1-3 Winner – Calum Platt P3a, P4-7 Runner-Up – Emily Poskitt P5b, P4-7 Winner – Holly Bisset P6a. Well done to all!

Thank you to all the people that entered the “Guess the Monkey’s Birthday” competition. We asked Maria and Pam from Smalls for All to pick a date. The date they picked was the 10th of August as this was the day that the charity started. Unfortunately no-one picked this actual date but the nearest date to this that was picked was the 8th of August and it was picked by Alannah Charlesworth P3b. Congratulations! We raised £66.75 from the monkey competition and donations. This money will go to the charity to help fund education for children in other countries.

We would like to say a big thank you to all who supported our “Pants Fun Day”. You were PANTASTIC!

Toilet Twinning Success!

Thank you to everyone that supported our Toilet Twinning challenge. There were lots of bright colours worn on the day and lots of change was placed on our “Rainbow Toilet”! Our Target was to raise £60 so that we could twin with one toilet in another country and we are pleased to announce we raised a total of £206.94!!! This will be enough to twin with at least 3 toilets! Many thanks for helping us support this charity that helps to provide toilets, clean water and health education to people in other countries. This  has supported us in working towards some of the Global Goals: Water and Sanitation, Good Health and Well-being and Quality Education.

P4a Road Safety Week

We all enjoyed Road Safety Week in P4a.

We took part in lots of activities. We wrote acrostic poems to tell people the benefits of walking to school. We played a board game and used it as inspiration to invent our own road safety board games. We made word searches with words related to keeping safe and transport. We also played some games on the laptops. See:

In Language we read a Ziggy story all about road safety. The Ziggy stories are for young children and they help them to understand the road safety message in a fun way. We have planned our own Ziggy  stories which we will write next week. We will be trying to included interesting vocabulary and different connectives. We look forward to sharing our stories with road safety messages with the P1 children soon.

In Maths, we recorded all our addition strategies in our Maths Diaries and some of us made posters for our Maths Wall. We started working with Mrs Millar, the Numeracy Teacher, and she is now helping us with our subtraction strategies and linking addition and subtraction processes.  We have been practising doubles (e.g. 25+25) and using these to work out near doubles (e.g. 25+26, 25+24). Some of us took part in the Numeracy Curriculum Evening and enjoyed sharing our addition strategies with our parents as we completed Chilli Challenges and Number Talks. We made symmetrical Christmas trees for our art display. We have started a new topic on 3D and 2D shapes – we will be revising the ones we know and their properties, and then learning some new ones too!

In French, we had a visit from Mrs Kasparek to help us learn about Christmas and winter in France. We now know some French vocabulary for this time of year and also we learned about some French Christmas customs and food. We sang a French Christmas song and played some games. Thank you Mrs Kasparek.

In P.E., we have now finished our Handball block with Mr Muldoon. There will be a P4 Handball Festival in February  – we look forward to that! We now start a block of Futsal with a specialist Futsal coach. We were also lucky to have a Fencing taster workshop this week – we learned the names for the different bits of equipment, how to stand and move and how to be safe. The Fencing after-School Club will be running again from January – hopefully some of us will sing up for this.


P6 First Aid

On Wednesday 31st August we got to meet Alan and Rhona from Lowport. They came along to teach us some basic first aid. They firstly showed us a video about how to put someone int the recovery position. Then they showed us how to put our friends in the recovery position. Afterwards we got into groups. One group went and practiced CPR, while the other group learned about stopping a cut wound using bandages. We enjoyed their visit but will hopefully never need to perform CPR.
By Ben McCulloch

P7a – 23.9.16

It’s been a short week after our September weekend but we still managed to fit in some exciting things!


In P.E this week with Mr Muldoon we did circuit training – We did exercises such as, planks, hula hoops, burpees, star jumps, press ups and cycle supreme! We feel very fit now!


With Ms MacDonald, we worked on ‘Global goals’ –  ‘The World’s largest lesson’! We worked on trying to recycle more, lesson pollution and looked at Malala Yousafzai  and how she had the confidence to write her book/speeches about girls’ education.


Today was a very important and exciting day for Primary 7, yet again! Today we watched presentations from our House Captain candidates! We will find out on Monday who our new Captains will be and will update our blog/Twitter with this news!


Come back next week for an update on our learning!


P7a & Miss G 🙂


Another busy day in Primary 1

The boys and girls in Primary 1 had a very exciting morning. They had a special visitor who brought various interesting animals to school. The children really enjoyed playing with and learning about the different lizards, snakes, guinea pigs and birds.

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In the afternoon we all enjoyed taking part in our Sports Day. The races were great fun and everybody did so well. The sport challenges were great and we really enjoyed showing off our skills. Our parents, teachers and friends were very impressed with our achievements.

Thank you all so much for coming to our Sports Day. We hope you had fun too.

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