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P5a reflections from Houston

P5a have had another busy but enjoyable week!

Ruaridh and Halle’s highlights were starting our new topic ‘My engineering world’.

Logan has enjoyed learning more about coordinates and creating his own Halloween themed challenge.

Mekhi enjoyed free writing Friday.

Katie, Bryce and Keir loved writing their own spooky stories for our school writing competition.

Next week our P5a reflection will be complete by pupils in Howden.

P5a Houston update


Pupils from P5a who are in Houston would like to share their highlights from this week:

Keir – my favourite thing was PE and going to The Lanthorn to meet other P5 pupils from cluster schools

Ruaridh – My highlight is lunch and break because I get to play with my friends

Katie – I am proud of our fab harvest assembly and I like listening to the House Captains present

Halle – I am proud of myself for trying hard in PE

Logan – I like when we did the maths quiz for Maths week Scotland. We did it with our friends and Beth and I came 3rd!

P5a – a reflection from Limefield

In P5 we have been working hard to prepare for our harvest assemblies next week. We will be presenting at the Lanthorn on Thursday with P5 pupils from the cluster schools. We will also be presenting our learning about harvest to the school next Friday too. We have been busy creating PowerPoint slides, making posters, researching, writing scripts and working on our presentation skills too.

In maths we have been working on our numeracy skills in multiplication and exploring the properties of 3D shape. In literacy we are enjoying writing letters to pupils in our partner school in India.

Here are some of our highlights from the week…

Niamh – I am enjoying working on my letter to India
Rebekah – I enjoyed writing about gratitude
Jessica W – It has been fun to create 3D shapes
Carys – I have loved writing scripts and making 3D shapes
Maryam – I enjoyed writing a letter to India
Shahveer – I like learning about harvest and climate change
Leah – It has been fun to create posters about harvest
Eva – It has been good to create the harvest assembly

Have a good weekend,

P5a Limefeild pupils and Miss Brown

P5A & P5B are excited about the year ahead!

Primary 5 are so excited about starting off a brand new year in P5! We have started off this term with activities centred around friendship and wellbeing. We are taking care to show empathy and are making links with our school values of Respect, Responsibility & Kindness. We love these values! We will be developing strategies in growthmindset and resilience. WE are also learning about place value in Numeracy and will be learning all about 2 and 3D shape. This week we have been finding out about Climate Change and have had such interesting and thoughtful discussions. We are developing our skills in compassion and citizenship by making links to ‘Global Goals’. We are already planning exciting events such as the school’s Harvest celebration. We can’t wait to find out about how Miss Brown’s trip to India goes and have made some lovely pieces of art for her to take over and show the school in Mumbai. Watch this space….. Primary 5 are building their Learning Power!

P5a’s First Fabulous Fortnight!

Hi, we are back! And we have had a fabulous fortnight in P5!

We are enjoying being back together in our classroom. We now have a V.I.P. table as a special reward plus we can earn class points every day.

We have been working on our class charter and cloakroom rules to make sure we are safe and happy in school. We have been looking at different UNCRC articles and relating our classroom rules to these. Our class charter has a minion theme this year. We have also been discussing in groups how we are Safe, Healthy, Active, Nurtured, Achieving, Respected, Responsible and Included (SHANARRI) at home, in school and in other places.

This year we will be working on improving reading experiences at school. We have enjoyed our first few DEAR sessions – Drop Everything And Read. We have been talking about our favourite books and made a display about this.

Our topic this term will be Incredible India and we will be learning about the country and culture. Luckily the children from our partner school in Mumbia (The Universal School) will be able to help us with this!

This term we will be having drama lessons with Mrs Thomson. Our lessons will be based on our class novel “Nina and the Travelling Spice Shed” and will involve us journeying around India! Mrs Poynter, the music specialist teacher, is looking for some new recruits for playing brass instruments. We will get the opportunity to try out for this if we wish.

We enjoyed our Fencing Taster Session with John (the coach). We got to wear the helmets and use the swords too. We have the opportunity to take part in a Fencing after-school club – so some us may wish to apply for this. This term we will have indoor P.E. on a Monday and outdoor P.E. on a Wednesday – we need to bring in appropriate kits for this as soon as possible.

Outdoor Learning will be a big focus for us this year and we are lucky to have Miss Allcoat twice a week for this. In one lesson she will be helping us develop our teamwork skills and in the other lesson we will have the opportunity to learn more maths outside. We need outdoor clothing for this – a waterproof jacket with a hood and appropriate footwear to change into (wellies, boots, trainers or similar). We need to bring this to school as soon as possible and keep it in school for outdoor learning activities.

In Art, we have practised drawing our portraits and these will be displayed in the entrance hall. Our colour is yellow – look out for them! The portraits of Mary Queen of Scots, that we painted at the end of P4, are now on display in our classroom.

That’s all for now!

P5a Museum on the Mound Trip

Primary 5a had a fantastic trip to the Museum on the Mound in Edinburgh last week where we learnt about the security features on notes and how anything could be used as money as long as its value had been agreed. We also learnt about the history of coins and how they were made. We even got to see Roman coins and the first Scottish coins ever used. During our visit we got to strike our very own coin and take it home.  We also learnt that next year there will be a new pound coin brought into circulation and we got to see what it will look like, so keep you’re eyes peeled for its appearance.

We hope Primary 5b have as great a time as we did on this trip today.

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