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P7a’s week 9.6.17

This week we welcomed animal encounters and really enjoyed learning about the different creatures.
In maths, we investigated number patterns and some of us were amazed by a mathematician called Pascal!
We learned about Fact and Opinion in reading. In science, we learned more about Food Webs. We created our French passport for High School.
Today we got our induction timetables for going to JYHS next week#excited!
Marcello broke his collarbone doing a bike stunt outwith school- we wish him a speedy recovery!

P7a 2.6.17

Marcello started a Warhammer club that is going well. We enjoyed hockey with Neil. We have worked on our P7 Yearbook. We have been learning to read maps. We reflected on our Drugs and Alcohol learning. We found out the days that we are going to JYHS for transition. In groups, we made up games to demonstrate our maths learning then taught them to parents and S3 pupils at JYHS. Some people said they gained knowledge, from us, about circles that they did not already know! During Bikeability we went into the car park to learn to ride safely on roads.We learned to say our family words in french.In maths we have been working with tonnes, kg and g to measure weight.

Our week in P7a, 26.5.17

We enjoyed Kuk Sool Won and judo as part of health fortnight. We had our first induction day at JYHS which was fun and we found out our tutor groups. We took part in the West Lothian Athletics Championship, where we enjoyed taking part and experiencing new events. We learned which biomes were best for growing plants by watching our plants grow.We have been busy creating maths activities for next week’s PATPAL event. Hope the sun continues to shine. 🙂

This week in P7a, 19/5/17

We had great fun hula hooping and playing hockey during Health Week. We created biomes in bottles- we are watching closely to see which supports the plant life best of all. We began work on our PATPAL maths activities. On Thursday we thoroughly enjoyed using our map skills to find healthy foods on the treasure hunt. Hope the sun continues to shine.


We checked our bikes for starting bikeability. We enjoyed celebrating achievements at assembly. Our new topic is Holidays around the World also we created posters and powerpoint presentations about different aspects of the weather and peer assessed them. We found out lots of information! We started earning dojo points- well done to Hannah, Billy and Finlay- this week’s winners!


We are all excited to be starting using Class Dojo again!:)
We have learned about parts of a circle and mathematical Pi. Also we learned about perimeters and challenged ourselves to apply our learning to some real life situations.
We learned french greeting and revised previous learning.
On Thursday we were given the chance to share our ideas about the school in Kids Talk.
We started our new topic- Holidays around the world.
In literacy we were learning to use more sophisticated connectives.
In health we are shared our current knowledge of drugs and alcohol and are looking forward to PC Cochrane visiting soon. We made spinners in animation that were cool. Have a great holiday weekend!

P7a 31/3.17

We enjoyed doing our show this week, we thought it was brilliant and our audience did too!Grace thought it was funny when her moustache fell off and Isabel’s glasses broke in two.
Well done to those pupils who got certificates for Science Fair.
We worked on a story titled ‘Eye of the storm’ for Young Writer.
Finally we shared Easter holiday gifts for our buddies.
Happy easter holidays everyone!