P5a – a reflection from Limefield

In P5 we have been working hard to prepare for our harvest assemblies next week. We will be presenting at the Lanthorn on Thursday with P5 pupils from the cluster schools. We will also be presenting our learning about harvest to the school next Friday too. We have been busy creating PowerPoint slides, making posters, researching, writing scripts and working on our presentation skills too.

In maths we have been working on our numeracy skills in multiplication and exploring the properties of 3D shape. In literacy we are enjoying writing letters to pupils in our partner school in India.

Here are some of our highlights from the week…

Niamh – I am enjoying working on my letter to India
Rebekah – I enjoyed writing about gratitude
Jessica W – It has been fun to create 3D shapes
Carys – I have loved writing scripts and making 3D shapes
Maryam – I enjoyed writing a letter to India
Shahveer – I like learning about harvest and climate change
Leah – It has been fun to create posters about harvest
Eva – It has been good to create the harvest assembly

Have a good weekend,

P5a Limefeild pupils and Miss Brown

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