Houston Blog 4.10.19

Hello this is Houston House from P4b. This week we have been very busy and we would like to share some of our favourite moments.

Summer ‘We have been using chalk to make spider web art. We made a colourful background, like fireworks and then added a web pattern. Finally we drew Charlotte on the web’.

McKenzie ‘ I enjoyed maths, counting and adding and playing maths games with my friends.’

Jesse ‘ I enjoyed the Harvest assembly because I like learning about food’

Irvine ‘I enjoyed the party in the small playground, where we had music playing at break’

Isla C ‘ I enjoyed doing the chilli challenge in maths because we learnt new number games’

Alexis ‘I liked playing the maths game’

We will be back next week to share more of our learning. Next up will be Howden!

Have a lovely weekend

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