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Another busy day in Primary 1

The boys and girls in Primary 1 had a very exciting morning. They had a special visitor who brought various interesting animals to school. The children really enjoyed playing with and learning about the different lizards, snakes, guinea pigs and birds.

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In the afternoon we all enjoyed taking part in our Sports Day. The races were great fun and everybody did so well. The sport challenges were great and we really enjoyed showing off our skills. Our parents, teachers and friends were very impressed with our achievements.

Thank you all so much for coming to our Sports Day. We hope you had fun too.

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Final WPS sports day for P7!

Yesterday P7 raced,jumped and golfed there way to sports day victory! In P7 we all took part in a big range of activities such as curling, racing and many more. This was our last Williamston sports day and we all enjoyed it and will thoroughly miss sports day at WPS. We don’t know what we’ll do without it and hope High School has such a fun filled day next summer!

Williamston Receive Gold Sport Award

Congratulations to all the staff, pupils, partners and parents/carers who have helped make this outstanding award possible. We look forward to continuing the great sporting achievements and successes within school and without next session. Click on the music below to help you feel good about our award…


Karate experience!

P7 had a fantastic time taking part in a Karate taster sessions. We had the opportunity to see what a typical warm up is like and even had the chance to try out some Karate moves ourselves. We really enjoyed playing the money game and were all amazed at how good our Karate instructor was at it! We were lucky enough to have a question and answer session with the coach, Hannah Wood and Kate Holligan who are part of the Elite Scottish squad for 16/17 and 18 Years+. They gave us some demonstrations and shared their experiences and achievements. They are a wonderful example of how hard work, dedication and commitment can pay off!

Judo in Primary 2 and Primary 2/1.

The boys and girls in Primary 2 and Primary 2/1 were very lucky to have the opportunity to participate in a judo taster session this morning.  Magic Marv (the instructor) showed and taught the boys and girls some basic moves required in the art of judo.  They were able to use their skills they had learned in other areas of PE; using their eyes to move around the mat safely and fast feet!  They had lots of fun and were very keen to find out about the judo club.

This week, letters will be issued inviting the boys and girls to attend this fun club.



Netball Festival

Ten pupils from Primary 6 and 7 had the chance to participate in the second netball festival of the school year last week. This was held in our school hall with four other schools from around Livingston taking part. It was a great experience for pupils to gain skills and knowledge about netball, meet new friends from other schools and have fun! Williamston worked well as a team and came third in the competition! Well done! We look forward to the third and final netball festival of the year in June.

Basketball fun

P7 were lucky enough to participate in a basketball lesson lead by students from West Lothian College. We developed skills such as passing the ball, dribbling and shooting. We then had the opportunity to play in a mini basketball tournament. This was a fantastic experience and we could really see an improvement in our skills in basketball.


p7 basketball