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Primary 3B’s Learning Reflections

It has been such a busy week in P3. We worked hard, we learned through play and we had lots of fun. These are some of the things we enjoyed learning about this week:

Mylie and Kenzi enjoyed learning about the properties of materials. This week we focused on hardness.

Harper, Liam and Euan really liked creating pictures of bats using chalk and cotton wool.

Archie’s favourite this week were the various Halloween activities which helped us develop some very useful skills such as measuring, cutting, and folding.

Eddie likes practising skip counting. He feels he is getting very good at skip counting by 3.

Ruaridh enjoyed creating a spooky comic strip. Everyone’s ideas and pictures were so impressive.

Mathew was excited to start his new Pupils Leadership Group. Ask us which Global Goal we are learning about.



P3B Learning reflections – Limefield

This week in P3 we have been learning a lot of new things. We received another letter from Katie Morag and Calum in our class really enjoyed learning about ways to reuse plastic bottle tops but his most favourite task this week was building Katie Morag’s island out of Lego.

Teriba likes science and she enjoyed learning about one of the properties of materials – flexibility.

We had a very good week at school and are looking forward to the weekend.

Our Learning in Primary 3

The children in P3 learned so many different things this week even though it was a short one.

Danny and Anoosh  enjoyed looking at artwork by Steven Brown and creating their own pictures of animals.

Cameron and Aemelia learned how to gather, display and interpret data using tally marks and bar graphs.

Jessica and Amelia were very curious to learn about the ways plastic waste affects the creatures in the seas and the oceans. We discussed how we can help reduce plastic waste.

Aleeza’s favourite lesson this week was the Science lesson. She enjoyed learning about the three states of materials by making a mixture to grow crystals.

This week in Primary 1 24.02.2017

This week in Primary One we have been learning to count to our special number – 26 and backwards. We also enjoyed singing a rap song that help us learn the doubles. This week we have been working on the number story of 5. We noticed the patterns in the sums and also that some of the sums have buddies – 3+2=5 and 2+3=5

We were busy practising our Tricky Words and reading words. We worked very hard to blend sounds together to help us read and spell. We used our blending skills in story writing when we described what we wear to a party.

The Friendly Dragon came to visit again and this time he left a mirror and an apple and asked us to help him save Snow White. We got to decorate mirrors and shiny apples. We also made shadow puppets to help us retell the story. We had lots of fun helping Snow White set the table for the seven dwarfs.

We continued learning about our senses and this week we focused on the sense of touch. We used our perceptions to describe what different objects feel like. We had so much fun using the ‘Feely Box’.

What has been happening this week in P1B

We have had another very busy week at school. These are some of the things that we enjoyed learning about and practising this week:

Erin and Jack really enjoyed learning about the 5 senses. This week we focused on the sense of hearing.

We have been working hard to learn to tell o’clock on both analogue and digital clock. Summer, Charlotte, Irvine and Robbie like playing time games to help them develop this skill.

Amina enjoyed counting to the number of the week and backwards. This week our special number is 21 and we did lots of activities to help us learn all about it.

Robbie and Sophie enjoyed learning about our new sound. We now know how to read and write the sound ‘ck’. We were very excited when we could find words with that sound in our reading books.

Daniel was pleased when we received another clue from the Friendly Dragon. This week we were helping Jack from ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. Everybody wanted to help and we all made leaves to help build a beanstalk in our classroom. It looks lovely!

Adam, Eniileri, Logan and Zain enjoyed writing letters to the Friendly Dragon telling him what we have been up to this week. We can’t wait to see what our next challenge from the Dragon would be!

11.11.2016 This week in Primary One

This week our time machines took us to see Super Gran’s house. It was great fun comparing her house to the houses we live in nowadays. We are looking forward to learning more about the rooms in her house.

Our special sound this week is ‘sh’ and we spotted so many ‘sh’ words in our stories and books. We love practising all the sounds that we have learned so far. We also learned two new Tricky Words – ‘to’ and ‘do’. Next week we are going to show our teachers how well we can read and recognise the first 10 Tricky Words.

The new number of the week is 15 and we spent time every day to practise counting to it and backwards. We feel that we need to practise counting backwards some more. Please help us count at home.

We also had a Remembrance Assembly at school today and we all took part in a whole school  two minute silence.

Busy week in Primary One

We enjoyed being part of a whole school celebration to raise awareness and money for MacMillan.
We loved watching Primary 3B’s assembly and we will be thinking and discussing in class the value of thoughtfulness. Can you help us to think of ways how to be thoughtful to others?
Here are our new sounds – z, l, r, w, j and some words to make with them – rug, jug, lip, win, lid, zip and leg.
If you have time this weekend you can go on a number hunt. We have been reinforcing number recognition of numbers to 6.