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Scottish Children’s Book Awards

During Book Week Scotland the three shortlisted books were read to us by Mrs Hollands, Mr Taylor and Mrs McKenzie. All children have now voted for their favourite book………………..

In 3rd place with 95 votes was “Wanted! Ralfy Rabbit Book Burglar”

In 2nd place with 105 votes was “Mouse’s First Night at Moonlight School”

In 1st place with 129 votes was “Never Tickle a Tiger”

Well done to “Never Tickle a Tiger” a worthy winner. The results of our vote will now be forwarded to the Scottish Book Trust.

Comic Challenge

During Book Week Scotland, children were asked to design and create a page for a comic book. We were blown away by the number of entries. The library afterschool club had an extremely difficult job deciding on the winners.

The winners were:

Primary 1 – Orla, Primary 1b

Primary 2 – Sarah, Primary 3/2

Primary 3 – Eve, Primary 3b

Primary 4 – Jack, Primary 4b

Primary 5 – Connor, Primary 5a

Primary 6 – Erin, Primary 6b

Primary 7 – Marek, Primary 7a

All the winning entries have now been framed and are displayed in school. All entries will be made into books for our library. Well done to all the winners.

New books for the library

Yesterday, a very excited library group took delivery of hundreds of new books for the school library. The new additions will update and expand the stock of non-fiction books. The books were purchased with £1500 of the money raised by the recent sponsored read. The library reps can’t wait to get all of the boxes unpacked and the books on the shelves!

IMG_0449    IMG_0452



Sponsored Read

The Library Group are delighted to announce that the recent sponsored reading event has raised the magnificent sum of £2801. This money will now be used to purchase non-fiction books for the school library. A huge thank you to all parents, carers and friends who supported this event.

Scottish Children’s Book Awards Ceremony

A group of Primary 1-3 children were very lucky to be invited to the SCBA ceremony held in the Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh last Wednesday. Authors and illustrators of the three short listed books were in attendance. There was great excitement as the winner was announced, “Robot Rumpus”. The children were able to purchase a copy of their favourite book, which they had signed by the author. A fantastic experience!





Book Week Scotland

Book Week Scotland is a week long celebration of books and reading. It was celebrated in school with exciting activities and a great assembly to which each class contributed. Mrs Black, Mrs Thomson and Mr Brice read the three books shortlisted for the Scottish Children’s Book Awards. We voted for our favourite and the winner was “Robot Rumpus”. We enjoyed listening to another teacher reading their favourite book, silent reading and paired reading where the older pupils read with the infant classes. One of the highlights of the week was the Treasure Chest challenge where we had to guess the name of a book from clues hidden in a treasure chest.  Thanks to the Library Group who organised the event.