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New Term in Primary 3a and b

We are all looking forward to the new term in Primary three!  This week we enjoyed sharing our Easter Holiday news and getting settled back into class!

This term, our PE days are on a Tuesday and Thursday.  We are really excited that our Thursday lessons are with Mr Muldoon!

We are also having music with Miss MacDonald this term and are looking forward to learning all about African Drumming.

P3b will also have time with Mrs Thomson on a Thursday – we will be exploring Health and Wellbeing through drama activities and P3a will be with Mrs Logan every second Friday.

Our Library day is still a Thursday, so we need to remember to bring our book that day, if we want to exchange it for a new one.

On Monday, we will be coming home with a homework grid, like we used in Term 2.  Please can we keep this safe at home, and tick off the work as we complete it over the next five weeks.  Starred activities are to be completed once a week, and other activities can be completed in any order and at any time over the five week period.  We will also now be bringing home regular Maths homework to help us revise and consolidate our learning from Primary 3.  These will be issued on a Monday and are to be completed for the following Monday.

In Maths this term, we are continuing to explore and make multiplication arrays and will link this to division when we are ready.  We are also still exploring numbers, thinking about number order and largest and smallest numbers in a given group.  In Topic Maths we are learning how to estimate and measure length and will be using metres and centimetres.

We are continuing with our Romans topic for the next couple of weeks, where we will be working in groups to research an aspect of Roman life.  We will then be moving on to our Wedding topic – how exciting!

Please ask us to share our learning at home as we move through our final term in Primary 3.

Author Visits Primary 3

Yesterday, Primary 3 had a very special visitor in school.  Christiane Dorion, who has written a series of children’s non-fiction books, came to visit us to tell us all about her book “How Animals Live”.  She told us about different animal habitats and the animals that live there.  She challenged us with animal riddles, and then we had to come up with our own!  We also had lots of fun making the noise of a rainforest (primary 3 are very noisy!).  She also brought along an elephant tusk, a leopard skin and a hippo tooth to make us aware of the dangers animals are in from hunting.

Some of us bought a copy of her book and Christiane signed it for us!

This visit was part of the Scottish Friendly Children’s Book Tour, organised by the Scottish Book Trust and Primary 3 had great fun!

Roman Day

Primary 3a, 3b and 3/2 had a wonderful time yesterday, spending the day as Romans.

We had a very special visitor in school!  Decimus Gaius, a genuine Roman solider came to see us and seriously put us through our paces!  He spent a lot of time telling us about life as a Roman (even including visits to the public Roman Toilets) and had lots of Roman artefacts with him that we were lucky enough to handle.  We were then dressed up as Roman soldiers and were taught how to march in formation and in time with each other.  We were also taught how to form “The Tortoise” – which is a special formation that protected us from incoming arrows (our classmates were throwing balls at us!).  We absolutely loved our visit from the soldier.  It brought our topic to life and our teachers noticed how much we enjoyed learning.

The other half of our day was spent in a little more luxury than when we were soldiers – we were rich Romans, feasting in a triclinium.  We were served by slaves and lounged around the floor of the classrooms, eating with our fingers.  We tried lots of foods that were eaten in Roman times, including cheese, grapes, dates, bread and dormice (of the chocolate variety!).  We also enjoyed some red wine (apple and blackcurrant flavour!).  At the end of our meal we ate some lettuce and went for a snooze!

A fantastic day was had by all and we shall remember this for years to come.


Chinese New Year in P3

Happy Chinese New Year!

Primary 3 have been enjoying learning about the story of Chinese New Year and discovering why the years are named after animals – ask us to share our learning at home!  We also watched a video that showed how children and their families might celebrate Chinese New Year, and enjoyed watching a dragon parade and learning about traditional celebrations.

Primary 3b then used lucky colours to design a Chinese New Year poster.  We had to include a picture to show it is the year of the monkey and some of us had a try at drawing a Chinese style monkey.  We listened to traditional Chinese music while we worked, and some of us described the music as “beautiful” – it was very relaxing and helped us work.

Meet the new Williamston Waves Crew

Williamston Waves started back up again this week with a new team of presenters.  We have some returning experts from last year and some eager new recruits in Primary 6 and 7, and we had our first after-school session yesterday to begin to plan our show format.  We have been looking at things we would like to keep in the show and some new ideas for 2016 and are very excited about beginning our Friday broadcasts.

Here are your Williamston Waves DJs…………


We also have Finlay from P6 and Rachel from P7.  Miss Robertson will be supporting the group as they begin to develop their ideas and settle into a routine of scripting and broadcasting their own shows.

We still have some spaces in the group available, so if you think you’d be interested in joining, please speak to Miss Robertson as soon as possible.

Listen out for our first broadcast sometime soon, where the team will introduce themselves to the school.

Achievement in P3b

Primary 1 to 3 had an achievement assembly this morning, and four pupils from P3b were awarded with certificates.  They were………


Sean Purves, for his effort and enthusiasm in our class assembly


Ben Brady, for his effort and enthusiasm in the school poetry competition and our class assembly


Calum Hay, for his super effort in his spelling homework


Hannah Irvine for her effort and enthusiasm in our class assembly

Well done to our certificate winners!!

Our poetry competition entrants and winners were also presented with their certificates this morning


Well done again to Lucy, Morgan and Ben.

Primary 3 Scottish Poetry Winners

Our seven class competition winners did us proud this morning at the school poetry competition.  They were confident, spoke loud and clear and we heard and saw some super expression and actions from all of them!  Miss Robertson, Mrs Stephen, Mrs Mayhew and Mrs Cameron and all of Primary 3 thought they did an excellent job at representing us in front of the P1-3 classes and teachers and our special competition judges.

Well done Ben, Lucy E, Morgan, Lucy L, Hamza, Andrew and Josh!



The judges said they had a very tough time choosing a top three and so they decided to award a first place and then a joint second place.

So in joint second place we have…………..


Lucy E and Morgan from P3b!!  They both performed “Mince and Tatties” by J.K Annand.  Well done Girls!

And in first place……………..


Hamza from P3a!!  Who also performed “Mince and Tatties”  Well done Hamza!


Well done to our three winners and all our other competitors – you all did a fantastic job!