Roman Day

Primary 3a, 3b and 3/2 had a wonderful time yesterday, spending the day as Romans.

We had a very special visitor in school!  Decimus Gaius, a genuine Roman solider came to see us and seriously put us through our paces!  He spent a lot of time telling us about life as a Roman (even including visits to the public Roman Toilets) and had lots of Roman artefacts with him that we were lucky enough to handle.  We were then dressed up as Roman soldiers and were taught how to march in formation and in time with each other.  We were also taught how to form “The Tortoise” – which is a special formation that protected us from incoming arrows (our classmates were throwing balls at us!).  We absolutely loved our visit from the soldier.  It brought our topic to life and our teachers noticed how much we enjoyed learning.

The other half of our day was spent in a little more luxury than when we were soldiers – we were rich Romans, feasting in a triclinium.  We were served by slaves and lounged around the floor of the classrooms, eating with our fingers.  We tried lots of foods that were eaten in Roman times, including cheese, grapes, dates, bread and dormice (of the chocolate variety!).  We also enjoyed some red wine (apple and blackcurrant flavour!).  At the end of our meal we ate some lettuce and went for a snooze!

A fantastic day was had by all and we shall remember this for years to come.


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  1. This looks like a fantastic experience! Eoin was very keen to share his learning with us 😀

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