Bows for Sale!

At our coffee morning on Friday, as well as coffee, cake and a jumble sale full of goodies, there will be a stall selling hair accessories, some of which suit our school uniform colours. This stall will no doubt be popular with our girls! We are looking forward to seeing you all on Friday.

img_2370 img_2367 img_2368

New Nursery Equipment

The children have been enjoying learning through sand and water play with our new trays. The new water tray has proved particularly popular with its rail, where the children can hang a funnel, tubes and pulley. 

Please don’t forget to visit our sway to see what else has been happening in the nursery.

P6/7 Investigate


P6/7 were assigned a special task this week when they recieved a video message from the Police to help investigate the Kidnapping of the Jack and Sarah Green They set about organising the initial information they had been given and have created an Incident room within the classroom in preparation for the rest of the investigation.

Watch out Sherlock Holmes!!!

Katie-In P.E I liked tennis.

Alice-In music we got put into groups of three and made up our own seven second piece!

Chloe- For soft start we made Buddhist prayer flags and wrote a mantra that we say to ourselves.

Kai- In maths we were doing our mild, spicy and hot and we were rounding decimals, to the nearest number and the the nearest tenths.

Bobby- We have been designing Eco posters for  a competition,  it was fun.

Wiktoria – In Music we listened to some pieces of music related to school subjects like, biology, literacy, etc. Then we worked in groups of three and tried to make our own.

Abby – In maths my group have started working towards third level, it was very exciting.

Ryan- In RME we learned what prayer flags are that Buddhist hang them outside their homes.



P1/2 turned palaeontologists

We had a great afternoon on Wednesday exploring fossils and the work of palaeontologists. It was a very active classroom with lots of discussion about fossils, how they could be extracted from the ground and the work of palaeontologists.

Our first activity involved removing chocolate chips from a cookie using only a cocktails stick – lots of care and concentration needed here!

img_0087 img_0091 img_0092 img_0095 img_0096 img_0097 img_0098 img_0100 img_0101 img_0102 img_0103

Our second task involved putting back together the bones of various animals using an internet game.


In our third task we had to use plastic spoons and toothbrushes to excavate dinosaurs from the sand.

img_0089 img_0093

Our fourth and final learning task was to make our own dinosaur fossil using salt dough and dinosaur models.

img_0090 img_0094


World Book Day March 2nd

To celebrate World Book Day, Mrs Grant has organised a variety of fun activities for pupils to enjoy on the day. Wally will be hiding in and around school throughout the day and pupils will have to follow clues to find him. Pupils are asked to bring in their favourite book to share with us on the day, and there will be a host of other book-related activities to keep us all busy.


Community Coffee Morning


P6/7 would like to remind you all that you are invited to our Community Coffee morning, to be held on Friday 24th February, 10am to 12 noon. There will be a jumble sale and tombola, as well as a chance to have a coffee, cake and chat! The pupils ask that you hand in any as-new books, games, jigsaws etc. for the jumble sale and also are hoping that some budding bakers will hand in home-baking to be sold on the day. If you could hand in baking the day before, that would be very much appreciated. We look forward to seeing you on the day, and would like to thank you in advance for supporting this fund-raiser.

After Schools Clubs

At the Science and Technology club we have been designing and making a volcano  then choosing the best ingredients to make it erupt. We experimented with different things and found that the best were warm water, washing up liquid, baking soda and vinegar. We also added red food colouring to make it look like lava.

Below are some pictures and a short video of the eruption!!!!!!

006 005 004 003 002 001 006


Last week in primary 1/2

In topic, we used Ipads to draw our own Island and then moved a cat around the island by giving it directions. We also used sticks and stones to design a new island, working in a group to complete this challenge. We also used the construction materials to create an island – we used blocks to make houses and we put some trees on our island. Finally, on a large sheet of paper we drew a large map and each group added different places to complete our Island. Josh, Kaila, Brodie and Oliver.

img_0126 img_0117 img_0122 img_0121 img_0151 img_0152-2 img_0152 img_0153 img_0162 img_0156-2 img_0057


The following day we directed people to different places on our large map – we had to take our shoes off and stand on the map we had drawn! Maris (photos to follow!)

In PE we started learning a new sport – tennis. We were with a partner and we had to hit the shuttlecock with our racket to our partner. Findlay

We went through to the nursery to perform ‘We’re gangin on a bear hunt’ to the afternoon children. Elyse

In writing we wrote instructions for crossing the road safely. You have to look and listen for cars, if something is coming you have to wait for it to go past so it is safe to cross. Stephen

In French we were learning numbers outside – we had to race against a partner to find the number Ms Ferguson said. Callum