P6/7 Investigate


P6/7 were assigned a special task this week when they recieved a video message from the Police to help investigate the Kidnapping of the Jack and Sarah Green They set about organising the initial information they had been given and have created an Incident room within the classroom in preparation for the rest of the investigation.

Watch out Sherlock Holmes!!!

Katie-In P.E I liked tennis.

Alice-In music we got put into groups of three and made up our own seven second piece!

Chloe- For soft start we made Buddhist prayer flags and wrote a mantra that we say to ourselves.

Kai- In maths we were doing our mild, spicy and hot and we were rounding decimals, to the nearest number and the the nearest tenths.

Bobby- We have been designing Eco posters for  a competition,  it was fun.

Wiktoria – In Music we listened to some pieces of music related to school subjects like, biology, literacy, etc. Then we worked in groups of three and tried to make our own.

Abby – In maths my group have started working towards third level, it was very exciting.

Ryan- In RME we learned what prayer flags are that Buddhist hang them outside their homes.



2 thoughts on “P6/7 Investigate”

  1. How exciting!
    Please keep us all posted with your progress in solving this crime.

  2. There is definitely an air of determination in the class these days – a squad of young detectives determined to solve this puzzle.

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