Primary 6 – w/e 13/3/2020

This week we have explored money. Some of us have been adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing money, using formal methods to record our answers. Others have been solving problems involving money. A few of us have begun to explore the numicon resources we have in school.

We had our after show party yesterday, where we had lots of fun with a silent disco and nerf gun war.

We have created a plan for a story about Lazy Jack, which we will write next week!

In grammar, we were identifying and using adverbials of time.

We have also had an interesting discussion around ‘fake news’ and how to identify what to believe and what not to believe.

We should all now have a user name and password for both Glow and Sumdog. There is a Sumdog SPS challenge that you can be participating in this week!!

In music, we were learning to read music from a stave.

Have a great weekend.

Kind regards

Primary 6 and Mrs Kerr


Primary 6 – w/e 28th February 2020

This week has been a very busy week, with rehearsals for Fame happening every day and our technical rehearsal at Linlithgow Academy on Wednesday.

In literacy, we explored inference through a text about Theodore Roosevelt and the story of the ‘teddy bear’.

In maths we have begun to look at money and during 80’s day we looked at the cost of living in the 1980’s compared to today.

80’s day also saw us exploring life during the 1980’s, inventions, toys, cars and historical events.

We are looking forward to our performances of Fame next week.

Happy Weekend

Kind regards

Primary 6 and Mrs Kerr

Primary 6 – w/e 7th February 2020

This week in Primary 6 we have continued to explore time, looking at time durations, am/pm time and solving problems related to time and reading timetables.

Our writing task this week was to create a diary entry. We chose to be Via or Auggie from the novel Wonder and created a diary entry as if we were one of those characters.

In Science we have begun to look at chemical reactions and we recorded what we observed when a candle burned for one minute. Ask us what we discovered!!

Finally we had some fun with french numbers outside today, playing games that help us to remember these.

Have a lovely weekend

Kind regards

Primary 6 and Mrs Kerr

Primary 6 w/e 31st January 2020

This week our trout eggs arrived and they are safely installed into our tank. We hope to release them into the wild in a few weeks time, once they have hatched and developed.

In maths our new topic is time. Some of us are converting between digital and analogue and 24hr time. Others have looked at time zones and how the time is different around the world.

Our comprehension this week was based around a poem written by Rudyard Kipling, called Smuggler’s Song.

We have written newspaper reports about the mishaps of Tam ‘O’ Shanter.

In Science we shared the games we made with Primary 2.  They enjoyed playing our games and gave us feedback about them.

Our rehearsals for Fame are continuing, with lots of practise happening for this!!

Have a lovely weekend

Kind regards

Primary 6 and Mrs Kerr

Primary 6 w/e 17th January 2020

This week we have begun our rehearsals for Fame and we also had the opportunity to watch a performance of the show by another group.

Today we had a visit from Fish in the Classroom, who have told us all about the project and set a tank up within our classroom. They will return in a couple of weeks with some trout eggs, which we will care for, before releasing them into the wild.

We created our own version of Tam ‘O’ Shanter, retelling the story that was written by Robert Burns.

Our artwork this week looked at the Scottish Colourists, in particular, Samuel Peploe. We recreated some artwork of our own, based on some of his paintings.

Have a lovely weekend.

Happy song practising!!

From Primary 6 and Mrs Kerr

Primary 6 – w/e 10th January 2020

This week we have completed our Scottish Opera sessions by spending a day with a team from Scottish Opera, where we were taught actions for our songs and we performed our Opera to the rest of the school. There are videos and photos on twitter!!

In maths we have explored repeating patterns made with shapes and some of us have created equations to explain our patterns.

In Science we have begun to create a game to show our understanding of electrical circuits. When we finish these we will hopefully share them with each other and our P2 Pals.

We have looked at some traditions around the world at New Year and created some resolutions and targets for this session in school.

In literacy we have begun to look at the Robert Burns Poem – Tam ‘O’ Shanter and we have started to translate this into english so we can understand it! We will continue to look at this next week.

Have a great weekend.

Kind regards

Primary 6 and Mrs Kerr

Primary 6 – The Last Day of Term 2!!!

Primary 6 have had a busy last week of Term, revisiting concepts looked at earlier in the session and consolidating some knowledge.

We’ve also had lots of fun, with a party, where Mr Wells showed his DJ skills and we played games, danced and enjoyed a snack.

We were challenged to unlock Santa’s Naughty or Nice List, to discover whose present the label had fallen off, played one of our favourites – The Pirate Game and created an image of Santa, using co-ordinates.

We would like to take the opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and best wishes for 2020.

Kind regards

Primary 6 and Mrs Kerr

Primary 6 – w/e 29th November 2019

This week we have been painting our decorations for the Christmas Tree Festival in St Michael’s Church. Some of us helped the Nursery children to do this too.

In maths we have looked at negative numbers and begun to explore angles, identifying their properties and names.

We looked at some examples of persuasive letters and have created a plan for writing a persuasive letter of our own, using formal language, which we will complete next week.

We have almost finished our topic on the Scottish Parliament, this week we created our own MSP, exploring the qualities that an MSP should have.

Some of us auditioned for our part in Fame and we now know the cast and the understudies.

In Science, we continued to look at electricity and we created our own electrical circuits. Ask us what happened when we added more bulbs. We have also looked at conductors and insulators.

Have a lovely weekend

Kind regards

Primary 6 and Mrs Kerr



Primary 6 – w/e 22nd November 2019

This week we have continued with our mathematical art, creating images with squares, hopefully we’ll be able to share some pictures of these next week!!

In maths we have rounded off our current work on fractions, some of us using times tables to work out equivalent fractions, while others were finding a percentage of an amount.

In music we have continued to practise the Fame songs – good luck to all those who are auditioning on Monday.

We had a short assembly from Shelter Scotland, who helped us to understand how they help homeless people. They also thanked some of our pupils for raising money for this charity.

Our literacy this week involved rhyming poems and we had a go at creating our own poems about our reading books. We also uplevelled a piece of persuasive writing, using editing strips.

On Tuesday Jamie from Nil by Mouth came and spoke to us about anti-sectarianism. Ask us what we learned!!

Discussing stereotypes and creating our own characters during the Nil by Mouth Workshop.

Have a lovely weekend

Primary 6 and Mrs Kerr

Primary 6 -w/e 15th November 2019

Maths this week, we have been exploring fractions and decimals, with some of us adding and subtracting decimals while others looked at equivalent, improper and mixed number fractions. We started a mathematical art activity, which we will continue next week.

In music, we have continued to practise some of the songs from Fame.

We had a visit from author Amy Wilson, who spoke to us about how she creates stories and discussed the characters and plots from her novels.

In science we had our first look at electricity and electrical circuits and next time we are going to explore what will happen if we add more light bulbs to a circuit.

On Monday we had a visit from Katie Kerr’s dad, who talked to us about renewable energy.

In literacy we created a visualisation of one of the scenes from Spellchasers.

Have a lovely weekend

Kind regards

Primary 6 and Mrs Kerr

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