Primary 6 w/e 31st January 2020

This week our trout eggs arrived and they are safely installed into our tank. We hope to release them into the wild in a few weeks time, once they have hatched and developed.

In maths our new topic is time. Some of us are converting between digital and analogue and 24hr time. Others have looked at time zones and how the time is different around the world.

Our comprehension this week was based around a poem written by Rudyard Kipling, called Smuggler’s Song.

We have written newspaper reports about the mishaps of Tam ‘O’ Shanter.

In Science we shared the games we made with Primary 2.  They enjoyed playing our games and gave us feedback about them.

Our rehearsals for Fame are continuing, with lots of practise happening for this!!

Have a lovely weekend

Kind regards

Primary 6 and Mrs Kerr