Primary 6 -w/e 15th November 2019

Maths this week, we have been exploring fractions and decimals, with some of us adding and subtracting decimals while others looked at equivalent, improper and mixed number fractions. We started a mathematical art activity, which we will continue next week.

In music, we have continued to practise some of the songs from Fame.

We had a visit from author Amy Wilson, who spoke to us about how she creates stories and discussed the characters and plots from her novels.

In science we had our first look at electricity and electrical circuits and next time we are going to explore what will happen if we add more light bulbs to a circuit.

On Monday we had a visit from Katie Kerr’s dad, who talked to us about renewable energy.

In literacy we created a visualisation of one of the scenes from Spellchasers.

Have a lovely weekend

Kind regards

Primary 6 and Mrs Kerr