Camembert the Bear’s visit to P1B

Another busy week in P1, we are learning so much and making lots of progress.

In Phonics we have be learning the sounds p and n. We learned the Jolly phonics song, found the letters on magnetic letter boards, drew pictures of things that begin with p and n and had a go at forming the letters.

p – down the pirate’s plait and over the pirate’s face

n- down Nobby, back up Nobby and over his net

We even had a go at writing some words using the sounds – Mrs Bell was very impressed!

In Numeracy we have been learning about the numbers 2, 3 and 4. We found forming 2 and 3 quite tricky but we will keep practising. We also learned about 2D shapes – circles, squares, triangles and rectangles. We went on a shape hunt around our classroom:

On  Thursday we met Camembert the bear who is visiting us from France. He was a little bit shy as he doesn’t speak any English. We had to speak to him in French! We learned  how to say ‘hello’ and ‘my name is…’

Some photos of outdoor fun, reading to our friends and writing our names:

Admin for next week:

Thank you to those who handed homework folders in on Thursday. Please send homework folders in if you haven’t already so that we can give out new sounds on Monday.

Have a lovely weekend!

Love from P1B and Mrs Bell x


Phonics, numbers and warm fuzzies in P1B

We made it – our first full week in Primary 1! We are getting very good at our routines and we are SUPER excited about all of our learning!

In Phonics we have been learning our first sounds – a and t. Here is a link to our Phonics song that we sing at the start of every Phonics lesson:

This week we did our first ever piece of work in our jotters. We practised forming a and t correctly.

a – around the apple and down  the leaf

t – down the tower and across the tower

We know to draw our pictures in pencil and take our time to colour inside the lines. Mrs Bell was very impressed with our work!

In Numeracy we have been learning about the number 0 and the number 1. Here is a song we sing to practise counting forwards and backwards to 10:

In Health and well-being we have been learning about one of our school values – kindness. We call kind actions ‘warm fuzzies’ and unkind actions ‘cold pricklies’. We had lots of ideas for how we could give out warm fuzzies, for example – asking someone if they would like to play, smiling at someone and sharing our toys. We talked about cold pricklies such as hitting or using unkind words and how getting a cold prickly makes us feel. We are going to try hard to give out lots of warm fuzzies at school and at home too!

Today some very confident children sat at the front of the class and presented their show and tells. We were a good audience and asked lots of questions.

Some photos of our free play fun:

Have a great weekend when it gets here!

Love P1B and Mrs Bell x

Welcome to Primary 1B!

A very warm welcome to all of the new Primary 1 children who have started at Springfield Primary this week! We are all settling in well and enjoying exploring our new classroom. Mrs Bell says we are all stars!

Love P1B and Mrs Bell x

School’s out for Summer in P2A!

Where has this year gone?! It doesn’t seem like yesterday that it was our first day in Primary 2.

We’ve had a fun filled week – we loved our warm fuzzy party and the inflatable fun afternoon. Here are some photos of our last week of school:

Have a fantastic summer everyone!

Love P2A, Mrs Bell and Miss Devonshire x

Mapping, Number revision and Story Writing in P2A

This week we learned about mapping and we looked at how using a map can help us. On Monday we made up rhymes to help us remember North, East, South and West. Our favourite was Never Eat Spider Webs! Then we went out into the playground and had a go at making a sketch map of the school Mrs Bell was very impressed with us as this was tricky!

On Tuesday we used the laptops to explore using Google maps. We had  great fun with this and enjoyed dropping the little yellow man onto the map. Some of us even managed to find our own houses! This is something you could do at home too.

In Writing we wrote our imaginative stories using the plan we wrote last week to help us. We are trying to use different interesting sentences openers and to structure our story with a beginning middle and end. Some of us haven’t quite finished so we will share some of these with you next week.

In Maths we have been revising number – addition and subtraction. We are getting speedy with our number bonds to 20! Here’s a good game for practising number facts (the children can explain what you do!):

Admin for next week:

Monday – Book Festival: children need a waterproof coat and a packed lunch.

Wednesday – Sports Day!

Have a lovely weekend,

Love from,

P2A, Mrs Bell and Miss Devonshire x

P2A Class Assembly – Giraffes Can’t Dance

Well done to all of my giraffes, crickets, rhinos, lions, baboons, chimps and warthogs…You were AMAZING!

Every one of you spoke clearly and danced confidently. You should be very proud of yourselves!

Thank you to all the parents for your support with learning lines and making costumes 🙂

Have a lovely weekend,

Love P2A, Mrs Bell and Miss Devonshire x

Homes, Data Handling and similes in P2A

A lovely sunny week in P2A 🙂

Our topic this term is houses and homes. On Monday we went on a walk around Springfield to look at different types of homes. We saw detached, semi-detached, bungalows, flats, and terraced houses. Then we looked at the needs of others and designed a home out of lego for an elderly lady. We decided that a bungalow would meet her needs. Some of us even added a stair lift to our home design!

In Maths this week we have been working on data handling. On Monday we learned how to make tally marks, we even made tally marks with our bodies!

On Tuesday we each used a bag of skittles to practise organising data into a bar chart.

Then we each asked the class a question like ‘What is your favourite pet?’ and showed our findings in a bar chart.

In mental maths we have been practising counting in 5s. This helped us to count our tally marks.

In Literacy we worked on character descriptions. We wrote descriptions of Gerald the Giraffe using WOW words and some of us even challenged ourselves to use a simile. A simile is when you compare two things using the words ‘like’ or ‘as’ eg, he is as fast as a rabbit.

Here are some examples of our amazing writing:

Admin for next week:

Monday – Please send in costumes or coloured t-shirts for our assembly. Thank you 🙂

Friday – Our class assembly at 10am

Have a lovely weekend!

Love P2A, Mrs Bell and Miss Devonshire x


Hand washing, Area and Programming in P2A

A very busy week in P2A! Our Assembly practices are in full swing and we are showing lots of enthusiasm and dedication. We especially love practising the song and the dances. Please see the dojo message for information regarding costumes.

In Spelling we have been working on plurals and learning the rules for when we add –s and –es. We know that we add –es when the word ends in: sh ch ss s x z. For example, glasses, boxes

In Writing we practised writing instructions on how to wash our hands. Miss Devonshire did a fun experiment with us on Monday to show us how far germs can spread and why it is so important that we wash our hands.

In Maths we have been finding out the area of a shape using counters and by counting squares. We know that area is the space inside a shape.

In Art we finished our Gerald the Giraffe pictures, you will see them in our class assembly but here is a sneak peek:

In Health and Well-being we discussed what it means to be resilient. We talked about things we can do and things we can’t do…yet.

On Thursday we had a visit from the team at Generation Science. It was AMAZING! We learned how to program a robot – this tied in nicely with our instruction writing as you need to give the robot clear instructions in the correct order.

In the afternoon we had our first session of Futsal with Kieran. Futsal is like football but with a heavier ball. It’s great for practising our co-ordination and ball skills.

As next week is a very short week we will not be giving out homework or reading. We will resume homework and reading on Monday 13th May.

Have a lovely long weekend!

Love from Mrs Bell, Miss Devonshire and P2A x

P2A Giraffes Can’t Dance Assembly Preparation

Welcome back everybody!

Just a short blog for a short week and to tell you our exciting news…

It’s time to start planning our class assembly! Our assembly is at 10am on Friday 24th May and you’re all invited to attend, we hope you can make it.

We have decided to base our assembly on the story ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’. If you haven’t heard this story before, I’ve attached a link below. The story fits in nicely with our Health and Wellbeing focus this term –resilience.

Everybody has a speaking part; the children picked their parts today. Scripts will go home on Monday.

They can decide which jungle animal they would like to be (each animal does a dance!) – see the list below. If you have any costumes or onesies that we could borrow that would be fab! Please don’t feel you have to go out and buy anything, we can make costumes at school.

The animals are –

  • Warthogs who waltz
  • Rhinos who rock n’ roll
  • Lions who tango
  • Baboons who do a Scottish reel
  • Chimps who cha cha

I’ve asked the children to have a think over the weekend and decide which animal they are going to be so we can start learning the dances next week.

Homework will go out on Monday, with a fresh Maths activities grid to support the Maths we will be covering this term Also, Miss Devonshire has made a grid of fun summery spelling activities to get you out and about practising your spellings.

I had a few queries regarding the handwriting and common word sheet sent out earlier in the week – that’s just for your reference if you want to work on these at home.

Have a fun weekend,

Love from Mrs Bell, Miss Devonshire and P2A x

Gymnastics, adding 3 numbers and Wild storyboards in P2A

On Monday we had a lovely afternoon making special cards with our P6 pals – we hope you like them 🙂

On Wednesday afternoon we had a gymnastics taster session with Danielle. This was great fun – we have lots of gymnasts in our class!

In Maths this week Miss Devonshire taught us strategies for adding 3 single digits. We know we can look for number bonds, use a number line or start with the biggest number to help us find the answer. For example:

3 + 7 + 8 =

10 + 8 =

We were very resilient and challenged ourselves; some of us were even adding 3 2 digit numbers!

In Literacy we wrote a storyboard of the story ‘Wild’. We are each working on our own personal writing targets; we worked hard to meet these when we wrote our storyboards. Most of us need to work on consistently spelling common words correctly in our Writing. Lots of us are using WOW words and time connectives. Here are some examples of our work:

On Wednesday we painted pictures from the story to put on our corridor display; you can enjoy looking at all of our amazing work next week!

On Thursday we learned about how to look after a baby. We had a great discussion about what a baby needs. We have some experts in the class – Mrs Bell and Miss Devonshire learned lots!

As next week is the last week of term and we have parent evenings, we will only give out reading books on Monday, no spellings.

Look forward to seeing you all next week.
Easter holiday countdown is on!

Love P2A, Mrs Bell and Miss Devonshire x