Lots of new sounds, number facts and a BEAR event in P1B

In Phonics this week we have been very busy – we leaned l, c, k and ck!

l – stretch down the long leg

c – curl around the caterpillar

k – down the kangaroo’s body, tail and leg

We learned that c, c and ck all make the same sound. It can be tricky to remember when to use each one. We learned some words that begin with c and k and we know that ck usually comes at the end of a word. Mrs Bell was very impressed with how quickly we picked this up!

We have almost finished our handwriting booklets, each of us has a few pages left to complete so these have been sent home today to work through at home at your own pace – these do not need to be returned to school. Please don’t do the k page – it’s not the correct formation and will confuse us!

In Numeracy we learned addition facts to 4, 5 and 6. It helps us with our mental maths if we know these off by heart. For example, 3 and 3 make 6. There are lots of fun ways to practise these at home, you could shout out a number and ask us to clap or jump the number pair to make the amount. For example when practising number facts to 4 – you shout out 1, we clap or jump 3 times.

In French we have been learning colours. We learned the colours of the French flag and enjoyed playing games around the classroom to practise these. Here’s a simple song to help us to learn the colours:

We have been busy little elves making our Christmas crafts for the Christmas Fayre this week… we can’t tell you any more than that just now, it’s a surprise!

We had a lovely time at our BEAR event today, reading our favourite books by torchlight:

Some photos of free play fun:

We read one of MS’s favourite stories this week, she very confidently told us (and Mrs Hocknull) about each of the animals:

LR was delighted to win the ‘guess the name of the doggy’ competition! Meet Marshmellow:

Happy weekend!

Love P1B and Mrs Bell x

Vowels, hibernation and Nativity practice in P1B

In Literacy this week we learned about the vowel sounds – a e i o u. Here is a catchy song that helps us to remember them…

We can find the vowel sound in a word and we can select the correct vowel to make a word. We also know that if you change the vowel sound sometimes it makes a new word – dug, dig, dog. This is something you could play about with at home with magnetic letters or the sound cards in the homework bags.

In Writing we learned how to write a sentence. We know that a sentence needs 3 very important things – a capital letter at the beginning, finger spaces and a full stop. Mrs Bell was very impressed as we all managed to write a sentence in our jotters. We need to remember to use a finger space after every word but we will be getting lots of opportunities to practise this.

In Numeracy we continued our work on addition – number bonds to make 2, 3 and 4. We are getting more confident at writing sums using the + sign and the = sign. We love this adding with a pirate song:

This week we finished our hedgehogs (Mrs Bell is very relieved these got home in one piece!) We also learned about hibernation – which animals hibernate and where they hibernate. Ask us and see if we remember any. Ethan taught Mrs Bell that queen bees hibernate underground. Never too old to learn something new! We also went outside and investigated good places to hibernate in the school grounds. We decided up a tree would be your best option as everywhere else would be too noisy!

Our Nativity Practices are now in full swing. As we are P1s we don’t have speaking parts (it will be our turn in P2). We are learning the songs and we’re looking forward to learning the dance moves… this year’s Nativity has a slight Strictly Come Dancing feel to it!

Next Wednesday afternoon we are going to begin making our Christmas crafts to sell at the Christmas Fayre. Any willing helpers are always welcome 🙂

Have a lovely weekend,

Love P1b and Mrs Bell x

Photographs, fireworks and hoglets in P1B!

Lots of smart children and beautiful hairstyles in P1B this week, we can’t wait to see our school photos! On Thursday we had some visitors from Norway who came to see what we get up to at Springfield Primary – they loved seeing how kind and respectful we are  towards each other and we enjoyed showing them how we learn. 

In Phonics we have been learning the sounds u and b:

u – down and under the umbrella, up to the top then draw the puddle

b – down the laces to the heel, around the toes

Some of us are forgetting to go back up and around the toes when we make b, this is important or else it looks like the number 6.

We also learned some more common words – the, to. Common words are words that we can’t sound out, we just need to learn them by sight (sometimes they are called sight words for this reason).

In Numeracy we learned about addition using the add sign and the equals sign. We also learned how to add 1 more. We loved sharing our learning with you at our Number Talks open morning!

On Wednesday we did some fantastic writing about what fireworks look and sound like. We are getting very good at having a go at writing words by sounding them out. MS wrote the words red, blue and peach all by herself, well done!

In Art we used clay and sticks to make our own hoglets (baby hedgehogs), we’re all desperate to bring these home to show you, we just need to glue on the  eyes and they will be ready!

During Free play (and at home it seems!) we are enjoying writing our own books and reading them to the class. BP wrote a super book about a hedgehog!

Next week we are focusing on vowels as we have learned them all now, so there won’t be new sounds in the homework bags, just a couple of new common words.

Have a great weekend!

Love P1B and Mrs Bell x

Halloween in P1B!

What a fun week we’ve had in P1b!

In Phonics we learned the sounds f and g.

f – down the stem of the flower and draw the leaves

g – around the girl’s face, down her hair and give her a curl

These are both quite tricky to form – we need to remember to give the f a straight line for the stem or else it looks like a ‘s’ with leaves! For g we need to remember to sit the girl’s face on the line and draw her hair going down below the line.

We also had a go at building CVC words with the sounds we have learned so far. We were super confident with this!

In Numeracy we began learning about addition – adding together two groups to find out how many altogether. We can do this by counting all of the objects. Another strategy we can use is to keep the first number in our head and count on, eg 5 + 3  Keep 5 in your head and count on 3 more, 6 7

In Maths we have been learning more about time – Months of the Year. We enjoyed singing the Months of the year song and jumping up on our birthday month. You could try this at home!


We really impressed Mrs Bell with our work on ordering the months of the year:

On Thursday afternoon we had a spooktastic time at the Halloween Party. We enjoyed listening to Mr Wells read a spooky story, dancing and playing the toilet roll mummy game!

Take a look at FD’s fantastic writing that she did at home and brought in to show me:

Thank you to Maili for helping us to build our Fairyland Castle:

And well done to AK who is teaching us Polish, this week we learned how to say hello:

Next week we will be reading more hedgehog stories and having a go at making our own hedgehogs out of clay. Any parent helpers available to help with this please let me know 🙂

Have a lovely weekend,

Love P1B and Mrs Bell x

Days of the week, more/less and Castles in P1B

Welcome back everyone, we hope you had a lovely October break!

We got straight back to it this week and learned two new sounds – d and o. Letter formation:

d – around the dinosaur’s bottom, up his neck, down to his feet (it also helps to remind them it starts like an a!)

o – all around the orange (remember to start at the top)

In Numeracy we learned about ‘more’ and ‘less’. We looked at two groups and identified which group had more/less. Here’s an online game to practise:


We then challenged ourselves to find out one more and one less than a given number, eg, what is one more than 8? What is one less than 5? Some of us found this quite tricky but using a number line and concrete materials helped.

On Wednesday we began learning about Time – days of the week. We discussed what we usually do on each day of the week. We then looked at the starting sound of each of the words, this helped us to read the days of the week and put them in the correct order:

This song helped us to remember the order:

In IDL we continued with our Fairyland topic and designed castles for Fairyland. Lots of fantastic ideas, including a floating castle!

Thank you for all the signs of autumn collected over the holiday, we are enjoying exploring them. We had lots of fun outside this week in the autumn sunshine:

We were very impressed by DK who designed this tower in the block play area, we think he will be an architect one day!

Check out LR’s super homework – great effort!

Next week we will begin our book study focus, we will be focusing on books and stories about hedgehogs. If you have any at home that you wouldn’t mind us borrowing that would be fab! Any hedgehog experts out there, we’d love to hear from you 🙂

Have a great weekend,

Love P1b and Mrs Bell x

BEAR (Be Excited About Reading) in P1B

A busy final week of the term in P1B. We have been revising our sounds, counting and ordering numbers to 10, making a beanstalk for Jack (thank you to those who sent green material in for this!) and learning all about Harvest time.

We had to best end of term treat ever today. We loved snuggling up under our blankets, sharing our favourite books with our friends and drinking yummy hot chocolate!

If you go on any autumnal walks over the holidays please can you have a look out for and collect any signs of autumn (conkers, autumn leaves, etc) for our tuff tray. We will be learning about autumn in our first week back.  Thank you 🙂

Have a lovely, relaxing holiday!

Love P1B and Mrs Bell x

Friendly dragon writing in P1B

Thank you for attending parents’ evening – it was lovely to meet you all!

The sounds we learned this week are:

e – lift off the top and scoop out the egg

h – down the head to the horse’s hooves and over his back

Here is our super writing on whiteboards – we’re working hard to form the letters correctly and sit them on the line:

We need to remember to make the h tall or else it looks like a n! Here’s the website we use to practise this:

Letter and Number Formation

In Literacy we did our first ever piece of writing – we wrote a description of the friendly dragon. Mrs Bell was so impressed with us!

In Numeracy we worked on ordering numbers to 10 forwards and backwards. Here’s a game we played in class:


Free play fun:

Admin for next week:

  • No new sounds next week as we will be revising the sounds we have learned so far
  • On Wednesday we will be making a beanstalk for Jack – if you have any spare green material  that we could use to make the leaves that would be a big help.

Have a lovely weekend,

Love P1B and Mrs Bell x

A friendly dragon visited P1B…

In Phonics we have been learning m and r. Letter formation:

m – down Maisie, back up Maisie and over the mountains.

r – down the robot’s back, back up then curl over his arm

We are getting very good at building words on our magnetic letter boards. Here are some you could try at home: rim, ran, rat, ram, mat, man, map

In Numeracy we finished learning all our numbers to 10. Next we have to work on the numbers we find tricky, we are good at recognising the numbers we need to work on. In Maths we finished off our learning on 2D shape by making 2D shape monsters!

In Health and Well-being we learned about what it means to be respectful. We learned the importance of greeting people, making eye contact and smiling. We made a ‘book of respect’ for our class library, each of us completed a page with a drawing showing how we are respectful. Lots of us drew pictures of how we are respectful to our parents by helping around the house – washing dishes, hoovering and gardening! Mrs Bell was very impressed!

On Wednesday a friendly dragon visited our classroom. He left a letter telling us that he is feeling sad because fairyland has disappeared! We are going to help him to rebuild fairyland by reading fairytales and working very hard to turn our classroom into fairyland. We built a beanstalk for Jack out of lego, designed castles and wrote letters back to the friendly dragon.

Here’s a little French song we are enjoying singing in class:


Reminder that it is Parents’ Evening next Wednesday and Thursday. If you haven’t already booked a slot, there are quite a few times available for the Thursday. I look forward to seeing you all then,

Have a great weekend!
Love P1B and Mrs Bell x

Word building, blending and the 5 point scale in P1B

In Phonics this week we learned i and s. We have learned enough initial sounds to start word building and blending, we built words on our fingers (rainbow blending), magnetic letter boards and using our bodies (robot blending). We are working hard to form letters correctly, s is quite tricky to form the correct way round but we will keep practising!

In Maths we have been learning about the numbers 5, 6 and 7. We also learned more about 2D shapes and had a go at making and drawing a circle, square, rectangle and triangle.

In Health and Well-being this week we learned about the 5 point scale.

If you are feeling a…

1 – You are not worried and nothing is bothering you.

2 – Something is bothering you a little bit.

3 – Something is making you feel nervous.

4 – Something is making you feel really upset.

5 – Something is making you lose control!

Most of the time we will be a 1. However, everybody feels worried sometimes! We talked about what makes us worried and what we can do to make ourselves feel a 1 again. Strategies such as taking deep breaths, thinking about our favourite things or cuddling a soft toy can help us to get back to a 1.

We are going to use the 5 point scale in our classroom and move our picture according to how we feel. This will help us to understand our feelings.

There will be no homework or reading books next week due to the short week. In class we will be revising the sounds and numbers we’ve learned so far.

Reminder that it is our P1 Curriculum Evening on Wednesday 18th September at 6pm.

Enjoy the long weekend,

Love P1B and Mrs Bell x


The Great Springfield Bake Off in P1B!

This afternoon in P1 we held the Great Springfield Bake Off!

We had lots of fun creating our cakes using sponge, ‘icing’ and ‘sprinkles’…they looked so real we wished we could eat them!

Mrs Hocknull judged the competition and found it very tricky to pick her top 3…

Love P1B and Mrs Bell x