Busy week in P6B

On Tuesday we went on a trip to Scottish Parliament. We went on a tour of the building where we saw a committee meeting, the debating chamber and the garden lobby. We met MSP Fiona Hyslop and MSP Jeremy Balfour who answered our questions and talked to us about what it’s like to be an MSP. When we got back to school we watched a live debate on Parliament TV, it was cool to see a debate taking place where we had stood that morning.

On Wednesday we took part in the K’Nex Challenge, working in teams to design and build a wheelbarrow. Miss Prince was really impressed with how well we worked together.

On Thursday we went to the Cracking Easter event at St Michael’s Church, it was a great opportunity to learn more about Easter and interact with P6 children from other primary schools.

We finished our crazy week with crazy hair for Red Nose Day!

Have a lovely weekend,

Love from Miss Prince and P6B x

P6B Class Talks

Well done to all of the children in P6B for your Class Talks on the Industrial Revolution – you all worked so hard!


Here’s a selection of things P6B have been up to over the last fortnight:

Sports – Fencing, Futsal and Tag Rugby

Art – L.S Lowry and John Constable inspired. We looked at the difference between 1750 and 1900. We’re really pleased with how they turned out!

Euan found out that he had an L.S Lowry print at home, he bought it in to show us.

Outdoor Learning – We had a brilliant afternoon team building and making dens.

Maths – we have be learning about algebra and function machines.

Writing – We have been writing newspaper reports on the conditions in the Victorian workhouses. Abby was really happy with her writing  and so she should be!


Visit to Charlie’s Farm – Miss Prince and Miss Baillie had an amazing tour of Charlie’s farm. Thank you Charlie!

We celebrated Pancake Day. Yum!

World Book Day – fantastic costumes!

Design a Door Competition – we didn’t win but we are really happy with how our Edward Tulane door turned out 🙂

Have a lovely weekend!

Love from P6B and Miss Prince x

Wonderful Week in P6B!

Well, what a week!

On Monday we performed alongside professional opera singers – not many people can say they have done that!


On Tuesday we visited the Care Home and performed Scots songs and poems. We got lots of compliments on our beautiful singing and good manners.

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In Grammar this week we identified nouns, adjectives and verbs… in Scots! Then we learned how to write Cinquain poetry using Scots language. Here’s Brodie’s poem about a hoolet (owl!) …


Today we performed our Scots songs and poems in assembly. Miss Prince was beaming with pride!


To top off our wonderful week, we won Class of the Week 🙂


Love P6B and Miss Prince x

P6B Carol Singing

Well done to the P6B singers who performed their Christmas songs to the rest of the school this morning. Beautiful singing!

Amy and Abby’s blog (P6B)

This week we…

  • Made a Wonder Wall where we can write what we are wondering about.
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  • Went outside with P2/3, we helped them make fantasy islands out of natural resources. Next week we will be finishing off writing books for P2/3 about the lifecycle of a frog or a dragonfly.

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  • In Maths we learnt about factors and made factor bugs.


  • We made 3D art showing our favourite book.


  • Finally we found out who the Cursed Child is in the Harry Potter book…but we’re not telling you – you’ll have to read it to find out!

By Amy and Abby 🙂

P6B’s Week by Abby and Amy

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We have had a busy week! This week we have been learning…


  • Speech marks in grammar, we learned that we take a new paragraph when a new character speaks. ” “
  • In French we were learning how to say Ma Famille, eg. My grandparents – Mes grand-parents, My aunt – Ma tante, My uncle – Mon oncle.
  • We learnt about the water cycle, we did a diagram and we learnt what evaporation, condensation and precipitation means.
  • In maths we have been doing l-lowest c-common m-multiples and our times tables. To remember them we played a multiple madness game, eg one person rolls two dice and adds the numbers together. Next you get 20 counters each and a board with numbers 1-100. When you add the two dice together numbers 1-100. When you add the two dice together you should get a number between 2-12 and that tells you your table. Once you have got your tables you are ready to start playing. We loved this game 🙂
  • On Thursday we went to the Peel down at the loch with two rangers to learn about animals living in the loch. We played two games called the stickleback game and the food chain game. After that we got into pairs and went bird watching, we saw mainly seagulls on the loch but there were other birds as well.
  • In science with Mrs Tulloch we were learning about renewable and non-renewable fuels.

By Amy and Abby    🙂