Money and Magic ‘e’ in P2A

We have had fun learning a new sound, finding out how to look after a baby and buying toys with money from a toy shop.

Please have a look at what we have been doing in our play based learning this week…

In Health and Wellbeing we have started our Relationships topic for the next couple of weeks. This week we looked at how to look after a baby. We had great discussions about when we have helped look after a baby and what we did. We even carried out a class survey using tally marks to see who had a baby in their family or had little brothers/sisters. We then looked at the basic needs of a baby. Why they cry, why they need love and why they need cared for. We were able to draw and write what a baby needs and doesn’t need. This helped us with our writing this week too, keep reading to find out what we wrote.

In Literacy we have looked at magic ‘e’ and some of us have been revising our common words. We have been learning what ‘u-e’ sounds like with help from Geraldine the Giraffe. We did really well using the magnetic boards to sound out and blend ‘u-e’ words. Some of us even came up with our own such as rule. We also completed a task where we had to find out real and nonsense ‘u-e’ words. Some of these made no sense at all! We liked playing Bingo when revising our common words. We even played common word snakes and ladders which was really fun. Some of us have also been creating different magic ‘e’ words using Lego. In writing we wrote instructions of how to look after a baby.  First we read a story about a princess called Polly who was going to be a big sister. We then drew 4 pictures of tasks involved when looking after a baby. We all put lots of effort into our pictures because they would help us with our writing. When we were writing our instructions we used bullet points to show what equipment would be needed and how the equipment helped to look after a baby. Some of us even explained why it is important to do these tasks.

In our Money topic for Numeracy and Mathematics we have continued with adding different amounts of coins within 20p and £1 to make a given total. We played a game called Toy In The Bag where someone from the class closed their eyes, picked a toy from the bag, checked the price tag then the class helped by using coins to pay for the toy. We have really enjoyed the games on the board to help us with our learning. Our favourite one this week is the toy shop money game where we buy lots of different toys. Some of us were even choosing to challenge ourselves and go beyond £1. In Time this week we have been looking at one hour before a given time. We wrote our answers in digital time and some of us even wrote it in analogue time too.

In Science with Mrs Bergarnie we did our last lesson in melting and freezing. We completed a task where we had to organise what freezes and what melts. We used words like solids, water vapour and condensation.

We hope you enjoy the weekend. See you soon!

P2A and Miss Muir 🙂