P3B Week commencing 2nd March

In Maths we have been continuing our work on number talks and subtraction.  We are now able to subtract a two-digit number from a two-digit number using both written and mental strategies.  We will be finishing off our subtraction work by looking at subtraction written problems set in a context.  Once we have completed this we will be moving on to multiplication!

In writing we all went to the library to select a book of our choice.  We read the books and then wrote up a book review.  We had to write down our opinions about the book giving reasons why we liked or disliked the characters, story plot and setting.  We then had to write up a recommendation for the book and give it a star rating.

Mrs Manlove our school librarian set us a competition to design a new book cover for our favourite book.  We discussed the importance of using colour, text size and making sure our overall design was in proportion to make the cover look attractive and encourage people to pick the book up to see what it was about.  We also looked at a range of different book covers created by different illustrators to see how they used different sizes of texts in different positions to create attractive and eye-catching effects.  We are looking forward to finding out the winner of the competition.

We also had a visit from P7 who did an art lesson and showed us how to make and design a bookmark.  They also told us about the new book club that will be starting in the library and also the book swap that is happening this week as part of World Book Day.

Thursday was World Book Day and Mrs Fleming was teaching us. We dressed up in some brilliantly creative costumes and took part in lots of fun learning activities.  In PE, we went on a bear hunt just like the popular storybook and learned how to move our bodies in different ways. We read “The Disgusting Sandwich” by Gareth Edwards and completed some fun reflective reading tasks based on this.  We even got to recreate the disgusting sandwich using real, squelchy, squishy ingredients! YUCK!!  We had 2 special visitors who read us stories throughout the day – Mrs Manlove from school and the author Lynne Rickards. Lynne read us one of her own books called Willow the Wildcat and we got the chance to ask her lots of questions about her job. We also got to watch P1b perform their World Book Day themed assembly which was hilarious! It was an action packed fun day for us all!

Today we invited our parents into the classroom to take part in our “BEAR” event.  We read and discussed the story “Wanted! Ralfy Rabbit, Book Burglar and then completed our Reflective Reading activity stations – Textplorers, Picture It, Find the silly words and Jigsaw Jumble.  We all had great fun working with our parents and completing the tasks at the different activity stations.

Mr Ritchie, Mrs Fleming and the tiggerrific P3B’s