World Book Day 2020 in P3A

There has been a lot going on in P3A this week.  We had a lovely outdoor yoga session, led by some P5 children, on Wednesday.  There were different yoga stations for us to try out, they involved stretches, breathing exercises, and meditation.  There was also a station where we did some art work using natural objects.  The P5 children were really good at helping us at each of the stations and we really enjoyed being outside.

As it was world Book day on Thursday, we have had lots of different book activities this week.  For writing we wrote a book review on a book of our choice from the school library.  We enjoyed being critics, giving the book a score out of 5.  We then wrote a synopsis about the plot and characters and what we liked or disliked about it.  We also decided if we would recommend it to others.

We did some drama in the school hall, working in groups to decide on a book to act out to the rest of the class to see if they could guess what the book was.  There was lots of really good acting and we were pretty good at guessing too.

We also shared our favourite books with each other and made new designs for the front cover.  These will be displayed in the school library.

Here we are in our World Book Day costumes:

We also had a visit from author Lynne Rickards on Thursday. She read us her new book Willow the Wildcat. We enjoyed the story and had lots of questions to ask about it and on what it’s like to be an author. Lynne also really enjoyed hearing about the stories we have written too.

On Friday we had a BEAR (be excited about reading) event, thank you to all the family members who came.  We heard the story ‘Wanted: Ralfie Rabbit, Book Burgler.’  We then did some of the activities we do during our Reflective Reading sessions.  Normally we would do one activity per lesson but today we had four activities to show examples of the different things we do when we read a book to help us improve our understanding of text.  The activities we did today were:

  1. Spot the Silly Word – read a passage taken from the book and spot the 10 ‘silly’ words that do not belong.
  2. Jigsaw Jumble – Rearrange the parts of sentences taken from the book so that they make sense.
  3. Textplorers – read the book and write down any nouns, adjectives and verbs that you find.
  4. Picture It – Read the description of Ralfie Rabbit – draw a wanted poster and write a description to help the police to find Ralfie.

After our visitors left we had one last book week lesson with Mrs Fleming.  She read us a book called The Disgusting Sandwich, then we made disgusting sandwiches! Yuk!

All children were given a token today to allow them to get a free book, it should be in their school bag.

Have a good weekend everyone, P3A and Mrs Kennedy