School show, change and World Book Day in P1a

Our new digraphs this week were ow as in show and oa as in soap. We found this quite tricky to master…but oa mostly goes in the middle and ow mostly at the end of words. Our new common words were you and one, again we can recognise these from our reading books, but can we spell them?

In numeracy we were focused on looking at our symbols and mixing addition and subtraction signs together. We get into the habit of always taking away even when there is an addition sign. Mrs Gordon and Mrs Bell made a worksheet where they had answered some calculations incorrectly, we had to tick or cross the answers once we had worked out if they were correct or not. This was encouraging us to read symbols carefully!

We also continued our money journey by looking at giving change. This is a very tricky concept and will need lots of practise. It would be good to try this out at home by making a little shop. We will practise this a little more next week.

In art we looked at line drawing, colour and proportion when we did still life drawings of daffodils. Some of us did a pencil drawing first and then added paint. It was quite difficult to get the sizes right, but Mrs Gordon was very impressed with our finished artwork. You can see it in our corridor on our new spring display!

For World Book Week we did lots of fun activities. We designed book covers for our favourite books, read lots of stories in class, had 2 mystery readers (Mrs Bell’s mum and Mr Logan), had Lynne Rickards (an author) in to read one of her books to us, went to P5/6 for a story session (including blankets, cushions, juice and a biscuit, yum!), dressed up and went to Mrs Bell’s class assembly on books! Phew that was a lot of things…

On Wednesday and Thursday night it was the P6/7 show Fame, Mrs Gordon was pleased to see so many P1’s come along and enjoy the show. They did so well.

Today we were so pleased to see lots of our parents come in for our BEAR event (be excited about reading). We read Handa’s Surprise and then with the help of our grown ups we made fruit from playdough, sequenced the story, retold the story with puppets and drew pictures of the fruit, animals and characters. At the teaching table Mrs Gordon was working with us to predict what might happen next in the story. We had to draw what we thought would be next. Mrs Gordon was very impressed with all the great ideas.

Happy weekend from Mrs Gordon and P1a.