EaRL, Toy Museums and Book Day (P2B)

We have had a very busy week in P2B!

As part of our IDL focus on Toys, we looked at programmable toys. Miss Harrison introduced us to a programmable toy called EaRL. We discussed his instruction buttons and Miss Harrison showed us how to program EaRL. We also learned what ‘algorithm’ and ‘debug’ mean. In groups, we planned routes for EaRL on the different mats. If we encountered any problems then we had to fix them.

This week we learned to write a recount. On Tuesday, we listened to a story called ‘Lost in the Toy Museum’. We discussed the characters in the text, the main events and what happened at the beginning. middle and end of the story. To plan our writing, we drew pictures of the beginning, middle and end. On Wednesday and Thursday, we used our plans to write our recounts. We made sure that we put the main events in the correct order and we used different joining words.

In our Short Read lesson this week, we completed a Jigsaw Jumble activity. We listened to the audiobook ‘Aliens love Underpants’ and then we looked at sentences that the aliens had jumbled up! We had to rearrange the sentences using clues from the text. We knew that the word beginning with a capital letter would go at the start of the sentence and we knew that the word which had a full stop after it would go at the end of the sentence. Working together, we were able to rearrange the sentences.

This week we revised the sound ‘o-e’. We drew and wrote ‘o-e’ words and we used picture clues to write ‘o-e’ words on our whiteboards. At play, we made ‘o-e’ words with Lego. Some of us were also revising our common words. We played Bingo and a memory game to practise identifying our common words.

In Numeracy and Mathematics, we learned to tell times one hour later and calculate durations in hours. We played a game on Education City called ‘Stig and the Bus’ where we had to calculate time durations. Using analogue and digital o’clock and half past times, we also found the times one hour after. This week we also started to look at money. We revised identifying coins and then we learned to sort the coins from the least value to the most. Some of us were given a coin and we have to sort ourselves according to our value. Afterwards we learned to add coins to 20p. We used our knowledge of number bonds to help us to add money amounts.

On Thursday it was World Book Day. We created big front covers of some of our favourite texts that we have read in P2. These are going to be displayed in our school library. On Thursday morning we had a special visitor. Lynne Rickards, a children’s book author, came to visit to read us her new book ‘Willow the Wildcat’. She is the author of ‘I Do Not Eat the Colour Green’, ‘Never Bite a Tiger on the Nose’ and ‘Harris the Hero’. We also asked her some questions about being an author. On Thursday afternoon, we went to the P1 assembly on World Book Day. During play we created our own Book Day bookmarks and some of us were also working on writing our own books!

On Friday we had a BEAR event. Our families came in to our classroom to look at what we have been learning in our Short Read lessons. Together we completed activities such as Blankety Blank, Text Marking, Picture It and Integrate It. In Blankety Blank, we had to work out which words should go in the empty spaces in the story ‘Lost in the Toy Museum’. Using description from the text, we drew the character in Picture It. For Integrate It, we had to use key information from the text to complete the diagram. In Text Marking, we had to spot common words in books from our reading area.

Thank you for reading our blog post.

We hope that you have a lovely weekend.

P2B and Miss Harrison xxx