The Vikings have landed in P4B

We began to learn about the Vikings this week. We began by discussing what we already know about Vikings – which was quite a lot then we went onto talking about what we would like to find out. We know where they came they came from and why they came and next week we will investigate the longships and create our own designs. We also have a little surprise on Tuesday!!
In Literacy we completed our focus on poetry by creating our own Limericks. We made up one as a class first which was great fun:
There was a young man from Springy,
Who went to school in a dinghy.
He fell into the sea,
And got stung by a bee.
Then never again returned to Springy.
Not bad for a first attempt!
Then we made up our own, having listened to some by Edward Lear. Mrs.Burton was very impressed as we picked up the A,A,B,B,A rhyming very quickly. They were very funny and flowed really well.
We also worked on pronouns and now recognize when and where to use them. Our Short Read was on the Vikings, filling in the blanks and we did a literal comprehension exercise on dinosaurs.
In Numeracy, we have continued to work on division and some of us have progressed to remainders. We completed our bar charts, although needed reminding how to set it out.
We have continued with circuits in P.E and in N.Y.C.O.S we have continued to work on differentiating pulse and rhythm.
Have a lovely weekend everybody.
Love from P4B and Mrs.Burton