Snow, Secret Doors and Stories in P3A

We had fun in the snow on Tuesday morning as we went out to enjoy it before it melted.  It was a lovely way to start the day with some daylight and fresh air 🙂

On Tuesday we did some planning to help us to write an imaginative story.  On our tree in the library corner a small door has appeared, our stories could be about anything that was behind that door.  We had a story starter:

On a quiet day, you can sometimes hear them. Every now and then, there’s a tapping or a scraping or a rustling from behind the door. Occasionally, movement can be glimpsed through the dark windows.  One day the door began to slowly creak open… 

We listened to sound effects of the door opening and took some time to put our imagination to work and think about what might be behind it.  We wrote our ideas on ‘grafitti walls’ to share them with others and to help our thoughts develop further. We then wrote notes on the beginning, middle and end of the story.  We also created our own word banks of descriptive words that we might need in our stories.  On Wednesday wrote stories using our notes.  They are certainly imaginative and I really enjoyed reading them.  We will continue to work on imaginative writing over the next couple of weeks, hopefully seeing progression as we further develop our story writing skills.

We learned more about healthy eating on Thursday, again focusing on where our food comes from.  We looked at dairy farming and examined some of the products we have in our supermarkets that begin as milk from the cows in dairy farms.  We also learned about how calcium is good for our teeth and bones.  We had some cheese, butter and oatcakes as a snack.

It is Scotland Loves Languages week next week and we are looking forward to a visit from our P7 Language Ambassadors who will teach a French lesson and we will be learning about French culture with Mrs Kennedy.

Enjoy the weekend, P3A and Mrs Kennedy