P4A Blog Week Ending 8.11.19

P4A Blog Week Ending 8.11.19


Literacy and English

In literacy we have been learning to write in the discussion writing genre about a boy and an ant. We learned how to find arguments for and against whether the boy should stand on the ant and give our opinion of which side we agreed with. Before writing we had discussions around whether the boy had the right to act on his more powerful position and whether the ant had feelings.

We did a short read on Monday to fill in the gaps of a story with a word that would make sense. In handwriting we were practising forming the letter ‘i’ correctly. In grammar we learned when to use ‘ier’ and ‘iest’ at the end e.g. happier and ‘happiest’. For spelling this week, we were learning to spell words that have a double letter in the middle and had ‘ed’ at the end and also words that start with ‘re’. We had some ERIC time (Everyone Reading in Class) to enjoy reading of our choice. Our focus for home reading this week has been on non-fiction books.

Numeracy and Mathematics

In Numeracy and Mathematics we have been practising our mental maths strategies. This week our focus has been on partitioning numbers to help us add them mentally. We learned that we should put the largest number first and then partition the second number so that we can add on the tens and then the units. We also learned more vocabulary to help us to understand what kind of calculation we were being asked to work out.

Learning across the Curriculum

The Primary 7’s taught us a French lesson to help us to know our colours and numbers better. We have been playing lots of instruments in music with Ms Bain. In Health and wellbeing we have been learning about the different food groups and what proportion we should have of each group to stay healthy. We also talked about food groups that people may not be able to eat or chose not to eat and discussed the reasons. We are still enjoying our book study of Aesop’s fables and finding out the morals in the story.

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