Vowels, hibernation and Nativity practice in P1B

In Literacy this week we learned about the vowel sounds – a e i o u. Here is a catchy song that helps us to remember them…

We can find the vowel sound in a word and we can select the correct vowel to make a word. We also know that if you change the vowel sound sometimes it makes a new word – dug, dig, dog. This is something you could play about with at home with magnetic letters or the sound cards in the homework bags.

In Writing we learned how to write a sentence. We know that a sentence needs 3 very important things – a capital letter at the beginning, finger spaces and a full stop. Mrs Bell was very impressed as we all managed to write a sentence in our jotters. We need to remember to use a finger space after every word but we will be getting lots of opportunities to practise this.

In Numeracy we continued our work on addition – number bonds to make 2, 3 and 4. We are getting more confident at writing sums using the + sign and the = sign. We love this adding with a pirate song:

This week we finished our hedgehogs (Mrs Bell is very relieved these got home in one piece!) We also learned about hibernation – which animals hibernate and where they hibernate. Ask us and see if we remember any. Ethan taught Mrs Bell that queen bees hibernate underground. Never too old to learn something new! We also went outside and investigated good places to hibernate in the school grounds. We decided up a tree would be your best option as everywhere else would be too noisy!

Our Nativity Practices are now in full swing. As we are P1s we don’t have speaking parts (it will be our turn in P2). We are learning the songs and we’re looking forward to learning the dance moves… this year’s Nativity has a slight Strictly Come Dancing feel to it!

Next Wednesday afternoon we are going to begin making our Christmas crafts to sell at the Christmas Fayre. Any willing helpers are always welcome 🙂

Have a lovely weekend,

Love P1b and Mrs Bell x