P5B Week commencing 29th January 2018

In Maths, we continued to work with money and also revised how to do chimney sums and decomposition. We also looked at planning a party and working out what items we could afford within a set budget.  Next week we will be looking at the layout of bills and comparing amounts.

On Tuesday we went to the Rugby club and played a variety of different rugby based games. We especially liked the game ‘sharks and fishes’ because it gave us a chance to move swiftly and apply our dodging skills. We enjoyed the tag rugby because it allowed us to show off our rugby skills and try our best. Some of us felt tired out from the walking but we were glad to get the fresh air and exercise.

In the afternoon we had maths and we were learning about time, including minutes to and past the hour plus the 24 hour clock. We liked this challenging time work and were identifying aspects of time that we encounter in our daily lives.

On Wednesday we used our ICT skills to carry out research on Charles Rennie Mackintosh and have been making “flip style” display books to record the information about his life, work and achievements. We found out that his work is now very famous and can be found in building design, paintings, posters, jewellery, clocks, furniture and posters.

In science we completed our foil boat challenge. Well done Sam and Arran…..196 marbles was amazing and Mr Ritchie couldn’t believe how many it could hold. We then were able to use all the hard science vocabulary to explain what made the best boat, buoyancy, density, surface volume.

Everyone successfully completed reciting or reading aloud their Scots poems. Some also included actions which really made the poems come to life. Well done everyone!