Primary six’s Cosmic Classroom Experience 2.2.2016


Tim Peake talks To Us

Tim Peake was in space and managed to talk to schools in the United Kingdom on the ISS (International Space Station.) The first question was “what can you see out of your window in space?” by Harry. Tim replied that he can see the Atlantic Ocean and also saw the tip of Africa. He told us that he loved the colours of the Sahara desert from space.

The second question  he was asked was from Chloe: “why doesn’t space have any gravity?” Tim replied, as gravity pulls them down they are travelling so fast they can’t hit earth and the gravity pulls them but the speed still keeps them in space.

Next up Tim took part in a space task.

Tim had to crouch down for everybody and when he did he did a forward roll!   It was extremely funny! Soon he stood up he looked like a super hero flying in the city and he really was flying standing up! Next he was spinning on the spot, he was flying on the spot and then he curled up and he couldn’t stop. He touched his toes too and did a backwards roll- it was very impressive.

The next part of the broadcast was showing us what tricks he can do in space. He  disappeared and came down again.

The next question he was asked  was “is your heart faster in space?” but their heart is slower because it’s more relaxed but they must do more exercise to keep their heart healthy.

So water time Tim showed us water comes in spheres and floats around but there are these special bats that push the water where he wants it to be and if you put a fizzy tablet in the water it grows but still fizzes up in its sphere also it turns white.

His favourite button is the hatch button which opens a door into space in case he wants to do experiments in space.

We all really enjoyed tuning in to the broadcast in the afternoon and learnt lots of interesting facts about life in space.

By Lily, Neve and Lennie, P6.