Good morning. This is Springfield Primary School’s Junior Road Safety Officers Lucy Roy and Euan Boyes. Today we had a meeting with Mr. Gillespie, outlining our duties and responsibilities for the year ahead.

P6 JRSO next steps:

  1. Survey in all classes to determine how children

Travel to school.

Options for survey- bike, walk, car or park and ride.

  1. Ask pupils if they feel they are more likely to cycle to school after they had taken part in last year’s big pedal event.
  2. To make a competition for the best poster to promote road safety.
  3. Inform all classes that this year’s Big Pedal event will take place between 18th April and the 29th April 2016.
  4. Superhero fund raising day 29th April
  5. To create a PowerPoint for assembly after finding the “Big Pedal” results and share these with the school.
  6. Contact local traffic warden/lollypop man and see if they can share any information with us.
  7. To interview P5/P4 for new JRSO’s.

We are greatly looking forward to the year ahead!

By Lucy Roy and Euan Boyes.