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2.10.20 P1 Home Link

We have had another week of wonderful learning and lots of fun our P1 classes. Well done everybody for trying your hardest.


This week we have focused on recognising, reading and writing the sounds /c/ and /k/ in class. We made some lovely crowns and some flying kites, which helped us think about words which start with our sounds of the week and also helped us improve our fine motor skills.

We continue to work on recognising the ORT Stage 1 key words and have been starting to write them as well this week.

We have been exploring Harvest time this week and developing our Listening and Talking skills when discussing as a class what we already know about Harvest time. We will continue to learn about crops and how food is grown and collected next week.


As we come to the end of the term, we are consolidating numbers to 10 (recognition, correct formation, number bonds to 10) and have started to explore numbers to 20. We have been focusing on counting forwards and backwards number sequences, and identifying numbers before and after.

If you have any wee chunks of time at home, it would be super if you could practise counting backwards from 20 (or a higher number if they feel confident counting from 20) with your child, as this will help with subtraction in the near future!


We have enjoyed some long distance running this week outdoors and have continued our focus on basic movement and gross motor skills. It is lovely also to see a sense of community developing in each class as we learn to play team games together.

We hope that you have a really lovely and well deserved nice time at the weekend and please do remember that if you have any questions, concerns or achievements that you would like to share with your child’s class teacher, we are just at the end of a phone call or email to the school office.

Please do feel free to get in touch with us via the office; it is a different time and we know that not being able to have a quick chat at the start/end of the day can be hard and we are keen to have good communication between school and home as we understand how important this is!

Have a lovely weekend,

The P1 Teachers 🙂

Primary 1 Home Link 25.09.2020

Another week has passed and all the children are working hard in Primary One.

As this was a short week we have spent time going over the sounds that we have learned which are- s  a  t  i  p  n. We continually recap the correct formation of letter, initial sounds of words and developing word building skills.

Here is a video that promotes initial sounds that you can watch with your child- maybe you could go on a word hunt!

We have introduced number 9 and 10 working on formation, counting 1:1, numbers before and after as well number stories. Throughout the week we have also created various pictorams in class which shows the children how to visually display our favourite things such as ice cream or animals.

Primary 1 have continued to spend time investigating the visual elements in art looking at artists work. There has been a focus on shade, tone and colour and we have shared our opinions on how paintings make us feel.

We are continuing to focus on the GIRFEC indicators to promote our own wellbeing while following our school rules of Ready, Respect and Safe.

Staff and  children are celebrating when people go over and above in one of the these area and their name is added to our Wellbeing Tree. The children enjoy looking at this as they pass by. If your child achieves something at home please let us know and we will add it to the tree. You can send a brief description or a photograph to the school office.

Today your child has come home with a pack from school. In this is the key 1 words in many forms. You can support the development of your child’s reaing skills by playing games to build your child’s confidence in recognising the words. Reading will continue in school but, at the moment, a book will not be sent home.

All the Primary 1 staff hope that you have a fantastic weekend and look forward to more learning next week when we begin to learn about Harvest. Hopefully the sun will shine on us all.

P1 Home Link 18th September 2020

Dear Adults,

We have had another wonderful week of learning and fun. Here are some of the things that we have been focusing on this week if you want to chat to your child and develop their knowledge further.


We have been learning to hear, recognise, say and write the sounds /i/ and /n/. The songs for these can be found on YouTube to help you. We have started to explore simple word building strategies using all sounds but in particular the six sounds we have learned so far.

Our focus words for this week are is, in,it and no. Perhaps you could look for these in books at home to consolidate the learning.

Maths and Numeracy

We have been investigating pictograms and tally marks and have created our own both inside and outside. I wonder if you can make one at home? We have talked about data being information and data handling being ways to organise information!

This week we explored numbers 7 and 8; focusing on correct formation as well as how to make each number. Ask your child to make 7 or 8 bunny ears(fingers behind your ears) it’s trickier than you think!

Other Curricular Areas

  • We have been building positive friendships and discussing what makes a good friend.
  • The classes have been learning basic greetings and the colours in French and created lovely French flags.
  • During PE Time, we have focused on gross motor skills including balance and body movements.
  • We have explored the colour wheel and mixing primary colours together to create secondary colours. We have been investigated hot and cold colours and how they make us feel.

Have a lovely holiday weekend and have a great, well deserved family time!

Primary 1 Teachers


11.9.20 P1 Home Link

Hello to all P1 parents and carers,


We have had a super week at school. Here is a little taste of what we have been learning. We hope it will make it easier for you to chat to your child at home about their week and perhaps reinforce some of these concepts.

Our literacy focus this week was on hearing, recognising and writing the sounds /t/ and /p/ – here are the links to the Jolly Phonics songs that go with these sounds:

Jolly Phonics /t/

Jolly Phonics /p/

We have continued to practise reading our ORT Stage 1 key words as well, and have been enjoying lots of opportunities to write and mark make through ‘Free Writing’, free play writing areas, letter formation activities at our teaching table and taking part in writing experiences related to stories we are reading together.

This week, we have been exploring numbers 5 and 6 in detail. We have thought about ways to add to make these numbers and have practised forming these numbers in many ways. We have been doing lots of other counting activities in our classes.

We have also been exploring patterns over the past few weeks. We are learning to recognise, describe, continue and create patterns of varying difficulty!

We have been working on our French language skills and are learning how to greet others, the colours and numbers to 12 this term. Perhaps you could eat some ‘typically French’ food together (a nice croissant…?!) at home and look on a map for different countries which speak French.

In Health and Well-being, we have been thinking about positive relationships and building friendships. The children have been very good at thinking of ways we can show other people that we respect them and care for them and how we can have fun together safely.

Well done P1 for another fabulous week – you are all superstars and we are really enjoying being your teachers! Have a lovely weekend everyone.

From all your P1 teachers!

P1 Home Link 4.1.20

Dear P1 parents and carers,

We have had another wonderful week of learning and fun here in Primary One and continue to be very impressed with how well the children have settled in. It is lovely to see the enthusiasm our pupils are bringing to new learning experiences!


This week we have started to introduce the Stage One Key Words for the Oxford Reading Tree reading scheme (ORT for short) and it would be super if you were able to look over these words at home to consolidate in school learning.

Here is a PowerPoint with the Stage One words – ORT Stage One Key Words


Each week we will be focusing on two letters. For now, we are focusing on the sound of each letter. This will help us start to blend sounds together to sound out and read simple words.

This week, we have been learning all about /s/ and /a/ so if you have some free moments at home, it would be wonderful if you could have a look for these sounds in written texts around the house (story books, instruction leaflets, food packaging, etc.) and have a go at forming these letters (writing with pen/crayon/pencil, painting them, making the shape out of pasta/stones, writing them with your finger in some flour/salt/sand, etc.) You could also play games like ‘I Spy’ or ‘I went to the supermarket a bought… (things starting with a certain sound)’ to help your child to think of words which start with /s/ or /a/.

Here is an information sheet to show you how we form each letter at LPS – Letter Formation Guide

We use the Jolly Phonics songs and actions to help us remember each sound. You can find these songs and actions on YouTube. Here are the links to our sounds for this week:

Jolly Phonics /s/

Jolly Phonics /a/


Currently, we are introducing two numbers each week, with a focus on 1-to-1 counting, correct formation, finding the number before/after/in-between and different ways to add to make each number.

So far, we have explored numbers 0,1,2,3 and 4.

There are great counting games on websites such as and lots of catchy counting songs on YouTube (we love Jack Hartmann, The Learning Station and Kids TV 123) that you can check out at home if you have time.

Here is an information sheet to show you how we form each letter at LPS: Number Formation 0 to 9

Handy hint! If you are counting with your child, e.g. from 0 to 10, try to also count back down again, from 10 to 0, as this will help with subtraction in the future. Try also to start from numbers other than 0 or 1, to support the skill of ‘counting on’ to solve addition questions.

Apologies for a long blog post today! Each week we will aim to share some of what we have been working on in school so that you can talk to your child about their week and support them with their learning. Please don’t feel like you need to spend lots of time at home doing ‘homework’ though as the school day can already be tiring for young children as we’re sure you are aware!

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend with time to relax and enjoy some quality time together.

Take care,

LPS P1 Teachers


How can I support my child at home?

Welcome to all our new Primary 1 children and their families. We have had a great start to our life in school and are settling into our daily routines. In class we are introducing the Oxford Reading Tree characters for the reading scheme we will go onto use. A powerpoint has been attached below so that you can look at these with your child and go over the words.

ORT Characters

We are also focussing on staying safe and healthy in our classroom and school environment which links to Getting It Right For Every Child. In class we have talked about our school goals- Ready, Respect and Safe. You can discuss these with your child and see how they link to home life.

Have a great weekend,

From all the Primary 1 Teachers

A “Holiday” Story Time From Home – 10th August

Hello everyone

I do hope that you are all well and have had a lovely summer.

I am very excited about seeing you all later this week back at school and being able to read stories again to real children and not in front of a camera!  Here is a new story that I had ordered a quite few weeks ago now and I thought might help you practise your listening skills – which will be really important whichever class you are in!

Enjoy the new story and of course the last few days of the holidays.

See you soon!

Miss McDermott

Good Morning Primary one, Friday 26th June 2020

Good morning Primary one. I can not believe that it is the last day of Primary one.

It has been such a strange term and end to primary one but I want you to know how incredibly proud I am of you all. You have dealt with the situation so well and it has been wonderful watching you learn and grow through. A huge well done to the grown ups at home too. You have done a brilliant job providing so many fantastic opportunities and activities at home. You all deserve a huge gold star!

Pin on art2


As we finish for summer and prepare to go into primary two remember

” You are braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem and smarter than you think. “

Continue to be curious about the world and have lots of fun.

Have a wonderful summer Primary one!

Take care and stay safe.

classic winnie the pooh | Tumblr

Mrs Chisholm



Friday 26th June 2020

Primary 1B,

I can’t quite believe the end of term is here already and the next time I see you all you will be big P2s! It has been such a strange end to our year together but I hope that you know how much I have enjoyed being your teacher and getting to know you.

I have met your new teachers and told them all about what a fantastic group of children you are, they are really looking forward to meeting you after summer and doing lots of lovely things together.

I will be looking forward to seeing your smiling faces around our school after the summer too – I can’t wait for an air hug and to hear about your summer holidays.

You are all kind, wonderful, imaginative, unique and brilliant. The P1 teachers have got you a little gift (see post below) to say thank you for being such wonderful people.

Lots of love and best wishes for a fun filled, sun filled holiday,

Mrs Jamieson (and Bennie says wuff!)

Happy Summer Holidays!

Well – that’s Primary 1 finished and the next time we see you, you will be in Primary 2. It has been a very fun yet different year for everyone. We are very proud to have been your teachers and we hope that you all have a fantastic summer.

Mrs Menmuir, Miss Jamieson and Mrs Chisholm decided to get you all a very special gift for this remarkable year. The last topic that we completed together in school was about arctic animals and you all loved it so much. Therefore we decided it would be a great to sponsor our very own snow leopard that you could even visit. He lives in a local zoo and we have a very special plaque to mark what a fantasic Primary 1 you all are.

So as a final farewell to this year at school – please remember that you can fill the world with sunshine! Have a fantastic summer and we can’t wait to see you all in Primary 2.

Love, All the Primary 1 Teachers xxxx

Goodbye Primary 1, Hello Primary 2!

Boys and girls,

I have loved being your teacher this year and have missed you all so much these last few months. You will now know your Primary 2 teachers and they are so excitied to meet you as I have told them how amazing you all are.

I hope that you all have a lovely summer and that the sun shines down on you all. I can’t wait to see you all again in August and you can pop through anytime to say hello!

Mrs Menmuir xx

Story Time From Home – Friday 26th June

Hello everyone,

Here is the link to the last Story Time from Home.

Thank you for watching the Story Time From Home videos which I originally was going to make just for my own class  but thought it would be nice to share with all the P1-3 children.

I know that lots  of you have heard me read these stories before so it has been lovely to hear that you have still been watching the videos.  Thank you for all your kind messages – it has been so nice to hear from you and know that you are doing well.

Please enjoy your summer holidays and take care to stay safe. I look forward to seeing you all safely back in school soon.

Miss McDermott

Good morning primary one, Thursday 25th June 2020

Good morning everyone, I hope you have had a nice week so far.Rainbow Kids

“You’re off to great places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, So get on your way!”

As we come near the end of Primary one and think about moving forward into Primary two, we know how well you will do. We know moving into a new class and new stage can make us feel a lot of different emotions.  Sometimes it make us a little nervous but remember there will be lots of support from teachers and other staff in the school. It might also make us feel excited to start a new adventure. You might even feel both of these emotions and that is ok too.

Here is a little story about how our body feels when we are nervous.

We know that you will take it all in your stride and show your new teachers how wonderful you are.


“Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.”

This is one of my favourite quotes and it is one of the most popular quotes by Dr. Seuss, probably because it’s so true. There really isn’t anyone out that that’s more you than you are. So keep shining bright!

Here is a favourite story of mine that celebrates how we are all unique.

What makes you special? What makes you, you? What would your fish look like? Ive attached a little example below, but I’d love to see your own design. Maybe you could take it with you to primary two on your first day to show your new teacher.

youBeYou2         youBeYou4

Guessing Games - One4kids tv

The teachers have a little surprise for you tomorrow. It is linked to a special animal. I’m going to give you some clues to see if you can guess which animal it might be about.

1 – This animal lives in and around mountains in central Asia.

2 – The colour of its fur and spots on its body, help it to camouflage.

3 – It has thick fur to keep it warm.

4 – This animal is a meat eater.

5 – It has a long tail to help it balance.

Do you think you might know what animal it is? Maybe you could do a little bit of research.Kid Thinking Cartoon Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

Happy guessing.

Your Primary one teachers.