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Goodbye P3B

Good morning everyone. I can’t believe it’s our last day in P3B!

I have enjoyed getting to know every one of you this year! You should be very proud of yourself, you have worked so hard and had an amazing year in P3!

I will miss you all and I wish you all the best for P4.

Have a great summer 🌞

Miss Ross 😀


P3A Friday 26th June

Good Morning 3A!

I can’t believe it’s our last day together in P3!

Today we wish Ms Occardi a very happy retirement.  Congratulations! I know she will be back in to see us again soon.  Our end of year gifts to the class are ready in school.  I’ll make sure you get these on our first day back.

Well done for all your hard work this year both before and during lockdown.  It’s not been a normal Term 4 but I have enjoyed hearing from you via email and looking at your progress online.  We finish our last piece of online learning on a high!  For the Sumdog West Lothian contest, 3A finished in 6th position overall(out of 377 classes) and a girl in our class finished 2nd position individually(out of 1961 pupils).  Amazing news!

I have been in school this week getting organised for next year.  I am very pleased to be teaching P4A next year.  I hope you are happy with this news too!

Have a wonderful holiday and I look forward to seeing all of your happy faces in August.

Mrs Bell 🙂

Story Time From Home – Friday 26th June

Hello everyone,

Here is the link to the last Story Time from Home.

Thank you for watching the Story Time From Home videos which I originally was going to make just for my own class  but thought it would be nice to share with all the P1-3 children.

I know that lots  of you have heard me read these stories before so it has been lovely to hear that you have still been watching the videos.  Thank you for all your kind messages – it has been so nice to hear from you and know that you are doing well.

Please enjoy your summer holidays and take care to stay safe. I look forward to seeing you all safely back in school soon.

Miss McDermott

P3B Thursday 25th June

Good morning everyone. I hope you all enjoyed the sunshine yesterday, it was such a beautiful day!

Myself and Mr Brice really enjoyed seeing you all yesterday!  Sorry we missed some of you, you were probably out in the sun somewhere 😀 It took us 5 hours (19,000) steps to get round you all, I have very sore feet today, but it was worth it!!

Its going to be another beautiful day, maybe even hotter than yesterday! Here are some fun outdoor maths challenges you could try if you are out and about.

Outdoor maths challenge cards

Have a great day!

Miss Ross 🙂



3a 24.6.20 Good Morning

Good morning, everybody.

If you’ve read the newsletter, then you’ll know that I won’t be returning to school in August. I keep telling everyone that I’m very old and it’s time for me to retire.

I’m really sorry I won’t get to see you all before the holidays, but I promise I will pop in for a visit when you’re back. I look forward to seeing you then.

Maths challenge?? I was a teacher for 14 years before I came to Linlithgow Primary and I’ve been at Linlithgow for 18 years. If you do the sums, I think you’ll find I have been a teacher for a long time.

Every class has been special, but you are even more special because you are my last class. Thank you for being such a fantastic class and thank you also to your lovely, supportive parents.

Just for fun…

Katie Morag had a big walk this evening. She really needs a nap, but she’s a bit worried Hetzer might steal her ball. Apologies, another of my upside down photos.

Ms Occardi


P3B Wednesday 24th June

Good morning everyone! I hope you have all had a good start to the week. It has been lovely to hear from some of you this week, remember you can e-mail myself or Mr Brice to share anything you have been doing.

Seen it is the last week of school before the summer I thought this might be a nice activity for you to complete, keep and look back on.

End of year memories

One of the focuses for Health and Wellbeing this week is Road Safety. Here is a fun interactive activity. When it loads click on online module, read the information then complete the quizzes.

I thought I would make the riddles a little harder Have a go…

It was given to you, it belongs to you, but your friends use it more than you do.

What is it?

Have a great day!

Miss Ross 😀




Music Time with Mrs McWhirter

Good morning  Primary 3,  I love to go to the beach do you?

It’s almost time for the Summer holidays and I hope we will all get to the beach sometime soon but we can go today through the magic of music!

Today’s clip is all about the sea and there is a song to learn and sing, a story to hear and some listening which I hope will take you to the beach!

After you’ve tried the song, scroll down to the story of The Magic Fish and then down  to the listening activity.  Close your eyes and you can just about feel you’re at the sea side! See how many sounds you can hear then draw a lovely sea side picture! Have a great Summer!

Click Here

P3b Tuesday 23rd June


Today I thought I would share with you some ideas for your at home sports day. I had great fun doing one with my family at the end of last week and here is a little video of us taking part.

The activities we did are explained in the file linked below.

Home Sports Day

We would love to see how you get on

Best Wishes

Mr Brice

P3A Tuesday 23rd June

Good Morning 3A!

Very well done to you all for your efforts on Sumdog.  P3a are doing so well.  As I type this we are in 15th place in all of West Lothian!

At the end of school year, we often take time to reflect on our achievements from the year.  Today you might want to write down some things you are proud of (both in and out of school).  You could add special memories, things you enjoyed and maybe some targets for P4.  It’s been a very strange end to the term for everyone.  My highlights from our class this year are… our Egyptians assembly, hearing the class talks, teaching you all a bit of cheerleading during P.E. and playing the different drama games.

I’ll see you back on the blog on Friday for our last day.

Mrs Bell

Story Time from Home – Tuesday 23rd June

Hello everyone

Here is the link to today’s Story Time From Home.

I hope you enjoy’s today’s story which is set in school and all about a teacher who falls in love even though she has some unwelcome visitors.  You will need to watch the video to find out more and to see another appearance by Tufty!

And here’s another link to a very short video of Cleo who it seems will only appear when I’m not reading the story!

Have a good day and thank you again for continuing to watch the videos.

Miss McDermott 

The Girl and the Dinosaur

Hi Primary 3,

This week my story for you is ‘The Girl and the Dinosaur’. It is my last story for you and I chose it as a reminder of what your very first topic in P3 was. Doesn’t that seem a long time ago now!

Here are some files which will help you complete your tasks:

Book Review

The Girl and the Dinosaur Comprehension

Dinosaur Colouring Just For Fun

Mary Anning fact page

Mary Anning powerpoint

And below are the follow on activities you can do. Try to do at least two over the week. This week your handwriting task links to the book, so make sure you complete that task as well.

The Girl and the Dinosaur Reading Comprehension

  1. How is the pier at the seaside described?
  2. What does Marianne slide down?
  3. What mythical creatures do they see in the night?
  4. Why is the dinosaur described as brave?
  5. Can you name three of the dinosaurs they meet in the sky?
  6. Do you think the land in the sky is real? Why or why not?

Wonderful Writer In the story the girl makes a wish that comes true. Write your own story about a wish that comes true.

Book Review Print out the book review and complete (or create your own version)

Artistic Ace Draw a picture to represent part of the story and write at least 2 sentences to describe your drawing.

Question Master Design your own Girl and the Dinosaur quiz or a quiz about dinosaurs

Rocking Researcher Find out about the real female fossil hunter ‘Mary Anning’ and write down some facts about her. You could create an information poster.

Handwriting Find out Copy out the following passage in your neatest handwriting. Remember to think about the letters sitting on the line, being the correct shape and size. Then add an illustration.

There’s a town beside the sea,

Not so very far from here,

With golden sands and rock pools,

And a tattered battered pier.

And there’s a girl upon the beach,

Her name is Marianne,

She’s digging for a dinosaur

Just beneath the sand.


P3B Monday 21st June

Good morning,

First a highlight from my past week: Father’s day was great. The girls got me a special takeaway platter of cheeses and cold meats, along with a drink. They also gave me some lovely handmade cards. We went on a lovely walk, although we did get rained on a few times. I can’t believe that after all the exploring I have done in the last few months that I am still discovering new places around the town.

Remember, I would love to hear about your highlights too.

Please, check out the school website for the P3 resources for home learning this week. Again there is an emphasis on health and well-being and we would like you to design your own at home sports day!

As it is the last week of term, spelling this week is a revision of the last four rules.

There is a new Sumdog competition that the class has been entered into for the week.

Check out my post about this weeks story ‘The Girl and the Dinosaur’. It’s my last one! During the week let us know how you are getting on by emailing myself and Miss Ross.

Have a great day,

Mr Brice