Music Time with Mrs McWhirter

Good morning Primary 1 and Primary 2/1, love to go to the beach do you?

It’s almost time for the Summer holidays and I hope we will all get to the beach sometime soon but we can go today through the magic of music!

Today’s clip is all about the sea and there is a song to learn and sing, a story to hear and some listening which I hope will take you to the beach!

After you’ve tried the song, scroll down to the story of The Magic Fish and then down  to the listening activity.  Close your eyes and you can just about feel you’re at the sea side! See how many sounds you can hear then draw a lovely sea side picture! Have a great Summer!

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2 thoughts on “Music Time with Mrs McWhirter”

  1. Thank you, Mrs McWhirter, for all your music! Shona enjoyed your music lessons with games in class. Upon the news of your retirement, she said she will miss you and your music lessons and hopes to see you back for visiting the children even after your retirement;-)

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I will miss Shona very much too and all the children. I hope I can come back and visit and even play some more music games! Have a great Summer holiday!

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