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Nursery Home Learning

Nursery staff have been preparing daily activities for you to do at home with your child if you are looking for something to do.  These are optional and there are no expectations that these need to completed.  The activities will be uploaded daily to the Learning Journals.

If you have any issues logging into the Learning Journals please email with your name and your child’s name so we can reset your account.

Good Morning Nursery

After listening to the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears how about trying to retell the story to your family.  You could check your toybox and bedroom for toys to be the characters, you will need a big, medium and small toy.  You could ask a grown up for 3 different sized bowls and spoons and maybe you have some different kinds of chairs you could use.  You could make the toys act out the story using funny voices for the bears and Goldilocks.  I hope your family enjoy your version of this lovely story. (Just please don’t break any chairs though)

Good morning!

My favourite minibeast is the ladybird. Did you find any ladybirds when you did your bug hunt? You can make a ladybird using craft materials you have at home or you could try the different ladybird games on Topmarks. You can count, match and order the numbers.

Here is a picture of my ladybird stone which I will add to our lockdown caterpillar.

Good Morning – Minibeast Hunt

In the story yesterday, we heard about lots of different minibeasts.  Today’s activity is to hunt for minibeasts: Look high, look low and see what little beasts you can find in the garden and around your neighbourhood. Do not forget to peek under stones, in the grass, and behind rocks…

Here is a link to a minibeast bug hunt to tick off what minibeasts you find.  You could use tally marks to count how many you find of each.

Good morning

Morning boys and girls!
Hope you’re all keeping safe and well. At the weekend Miss Wallace accidentally broke her bird feeder in her garden! The birds kept coming to visit my garden to find some food and they were wondering where it had gone!
So I decided to make one out of a milk carton. It was super easy to make and thought I would share it with you in case you have some bird seeds spare! Let me know how you get on! Miss Wallace X

Morning nursery!

Hi boys and girls I hope you are all well and keeping yourselves safe. Mrs Cairns is really missing you all and I am missing all my friends too, so I decided to draw a picture of my friends do you recognise them? I also decided to draw a picture of my family as we have being having lots of fun playing games and watching films together in lockdown. I wonder if you could draw a picture of your friends and family.
I would love to see them, happy drawing love Mrs Cairns ❤️🌈  

Morning Nursery!

Now that the seasons are changing from Spring to Summer, the trees are covered with green leaves and lots of flowers are beginning to blossom with lovely colourful flowers, here are some I have in my garden or have seen while out for a walk. The pictures are of purple and white petunias; red roses; yellow marigolds and orange chrysanthemums.

Why don’t you have a look in your garden or when out on your travels for different colours of flowers in your area. Ask a grown up to tell you the name or if they don’t know you can take a photo and research the name at home. Count how many different colours and species you can find. You can use the ‘PlantSnap: Identify Plants’ app to identify the flowers.

Maybe you could draw some lovely colourful flowers to show us, Mrs Hawthorn. Colours of flowers


Good Morning Nursery!

Hi Everyone,
I hope you are all safe and well! I have been enjoying my daily walks in the sunshine and when I was out I saw some lovely daisy’s. When I was a little girl I used to love making daisy chains so I decided to sit down and make myself a daisy chain necklace and I wondered if you would like to make one too. I look forward to seeing some of your pictures.
Mrs Fyfe x

Good morning

Good morning everyone we hope you are well. The ladies are all missing you lots and have been so grateful for all the lovely pictures  you have been sending us to look at.  We thought maybe you could go on a scavenger hunt having a look for these lovely things on  the picture below.  The ladies are also grateful for lots of other things during these strange times:

Mrs Cringean – Spend time with family in the sunshine

Mrs Shaw – Getting outside to enjoy the local wildlife

Mrs Cairns – Family and playing games

Miss Wallace – Family and friends

Miss Moore – Beautiful scenery where she lives

Miss Matthews – The extra time with her little girl and the baby growing in her tummy!!

Mrs Hawthorn – Lovely park near by and walking her new dog Pixie

Miss Baillie – Her dog Guinness

Mrs Fyfe – Family and friends

Mrs Dunlop – Family and friends and a garden to sit in

Mrs Calvert – Family, friends, cycling and sunny dog walks

Mrs Menmuir – Family, friends and sunshine