Happy Summer Holidays!

Well – that’s Primary 1 finished and the next time we see you, you will be in Primary 2. It has been a very fun yet different year for everyone. We are very proud to have been your teachers and we hope that you all have a fantastic summer.

Mrs Menmuir, Miss Jamieson and Mrs Chisholm decided to get you all a very special gift for this remarkable year. The last topic that we completed together in school was about arctic animals and you all loved it so much. Therefore we decided it would be a great to sponsor our very own snow leopard that you could even visit. He lives in a local zoo and we have a very special plaque to mark what a fantasic Primary 1 you all are.

So as a final farewell to this year at school – please remember that you can fill the world with sunshine! Have a fantastic summer and we can’t wait to see you all in Primary 2.

Love, All the Primary 1 Teachers xxxx

One thought on “Happy Summer Holidays!”

  1. Thank you all hard working P1 teachers! Special thanks for the snow leopard, such an inspiring gift idea! Snow leopard must be feeling super lucky:-). The children are proud to have you as their P1 teachers.
    Keep filling the world with sunshine!

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