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A “Holiday” Story Time From Home – 10th August

Hello everyone

I do hope that you are all well and have had a lovely summer.

I am very excited about seeing you all later this week back at school and being able to read stories again to real children and not in front of a camera!  Here is a new story that I had ordered a quite few weeks ago now and I thought might help you practise your listening skills – which will be really important whichever class you are in!

Enjoy the new story and of course the last few days of the holidays.

See you soon!

Miss McDermott

P2/1 – Friday 26th June

Hello P2/1

It’s just a short message today to say well done for all your hard work over the last term when you have not been able to come in to school.  I know that it has not been easy for you or your grown ups but you have all done  your best.

Thank you for watching the Story Time From Home videos which I originally was going to make just for you but thought it would be nice to share with all the P1-3 children.

Here is the link to the last Story Time from Home.

I would also like to say a big thank you for the lovely gifts and cards that I have received  – especially all the cat themed ones!

Please enjoy your summer holidays and take care to stay safe. I look forward to seeing you all safely back in school soon.

Miss McDermott


P2/1 – Thursday 25th June

Hello everyone

I do hope that you are enjoying the lovely weather and that it stays with us.

Below is a link to a short video and some advice from CBeebies about staying safe in the sun that you might want to look at.

Here is also a link to an animated story about George The Sun Safe Superstar which you could watch too.  It only lasts about 5 minutes.

Today is the second last Story Time from Home.  You won’t be surprised that I have chosen a story about a naughty cat for today!

My naughty cats aren’t in the video – they are outside enjoying the nice weather too!

I hope you all have a great day and if you are going outside – remember your hat and your sunscreen!

Miss McDermott



P2/1 – Wednesday 24th June

Hello P2/1,

I hope that you are all well and still trying to do some activities from our home learning plan even though there are only a few days now until the holidays.Here is the link to the 60th Story Time from Home!  It is all about a boy who gets stuck on the moon!

Hopefully the weather will get a bit better and you’ll all be able to get out more and play.  I have been back working in our school all week so I know that it hasn’t been very nice in Linlithgow at all.  Do remember to give me a wave or say hello if you see me!

Miss McDermott

Music Time with Mrs McWhirter

Good morning Primary 1 and Primary 2/1, love to go to the beach do you?

It’s almost time for the Summer holidays and I hope we will all get to the beach sometime soon but we can go today through the magic of music!

Today’s clip is all about the sea and there is a song to learn and sing, a story to hear and some listening which I hope will take you to the beach!

After you’ve tried the song, scroll down to the story of The Magic Fish and then down  to the listening activity.  Close your eyes and you can just about feel you’re at the sea side! See how many sounds you can hear then draw a lovely sea side picture! Have a great Summer!

Click Here

P2/1 – Tuesday 23rd June

Hello everyone,

Thank you for all the messages yesterday to let me know that you’ve started on the Health and Wellbeing and Fitness Challenges.  This is a great way to end the final term even though it is sad that we can’t be doing them together.

I hope you enjoy’s today’s story which is set in school and all about a teacher who falls in love even though she has some unwelcome visitors.  You will need to watch the video to find out more and to see another appearance by Tufty!


Below is a link to a very short video appearance by Cleo who as you know is much more camera shy than Tufty!

Remember you can still watch any of the other Story Time from Home videos that you have missed.

Have a nice day.

Miss McDermott   


P2/1 – Monday 22nd June

Hello P2/1

I hope that you are all well and had a nice weekend.

This is  our last week of home learning before the summer holidays and I am very proud of how well you have all been doing.

Here is the link to Monday’s Story Time From Home.  There is no special theme this week as there is no writing activity.  I have chosen all the stories just because I like them and I hope you will like them too. Remember, if you missed any of last week’s stories you can still go back and watch them.

It has been good fun making the videos but it not the same as reading stories in class and this is one of the main things I am looking forward to about going back to school – after seeing and chatting to all the boys and girls again!

Please do stay in touch this week before the holidays begin and let me know how you are getting on.

Miss McDermott


P2/1 – Friday 19th June

Hello everyone,

Friday at last!

Here is the link to the last Story Time From Home for this week. It isn’t really about keeping healthy today but more about something lots of you have been mentioning in your messages – wobbly teeth!

The P2 teachers have told me they have been getting lots of messages about wobbly teeth too.  Cleaning and looking and after your teeth is a very important part of keeping healthy. Mrs Boyle shared this funny video with her class earlier in the week about how to clean your teeth properly. It has a super song that I think you might like too.  Click on the link below to see it.

There will be lots more health and fitness ideas on our home learning plan for next week that will get you being active so make sure that you have a nice, restful weekend!

As it’s Friday, please remember to check Twitter later on today for this week’s Awesome Achievers.

Miss McDermott 


P2/1 – Thursday 18th June

Hello P2/1

Thank you for all of your messages this week. I am glad to know that so many of you are still trying to do your best with your home learning as we get nearer and nearer to the summer holidays.

Here is the link to today’s Story Time from Home which is all about a rather naughty young wolf.  I think that I read this story in class last year (when the P2s were in P1!)  so some of you may have heard it before.  It does have a very important message which will help you to keep healthy which is one of the reasons I chose to read it this week.

Here is a link to a new website with a game for practising telling the time that you might like to try.  It is suitable for P1 and P2  – just select the level depending on what you can do already. Remember to select the 12 hour times.

Have a good day everyone and remember just do whatever you can.

Miss McDermott





Music Time with Mrs McWhirter

Good morning Primary 1 and Primary 2/1!

Is the sun shining? 

Let’s see if you can help it shine with a Wee Summer Sing!

I’m sure many of you will remember singing this song with me away back at the start of Primary 1! This time the actions are a bit different and a bit trickier, using your throwing, bouncing and catching skills! Just keep trying it until you can do it! You can have a go every time the sun comes out!

Click here


P2/1 – Wednesday 17th June

Hello everyone,

I hope you all had a nice day yesterday on Marches Day.

Here is a link to a little activity that I saw on another school’s blog which I thought looked great fun. It has nothing to do with health but is all about racing caterpillars and it is really simple because you only need;

  • paper
  • pens
  • scissors
  • 2 straws

Below is the link to today’s Story Time From Home.  I’m sure lots of you will enjoy this story as I have read this one before in class and we had a great time at the beginning of the school year making our own Supertatos.

Hope you all have a super day!

Miss McDermott

P2/1, P2A and P2B FOOD CHAINS 15.6.20

Good Morning, everyone!

This week we are learning about food chains. Here are some resources to help you.

This website will give you some information about food chains.

Here is a game to play to help your learning.

This Powerpoint is all about Farming in Scotland.

Farming in Scotland

Have a think about where your food comes from.  Look in your fridge or cupboard. Make a list or discuss where your food comes from.

Can you learn how to make a sandwich?

Think about the ingredients you are using and where they come from. Remember the importance of washing your hands well and of course  helping with the washing up.

Have fun learning about food chains.

P2/1, P2A and P2B Teachers


P2/1 – Monday 15th June

Hello P2/1

I hope that you are all safe and well and have had a nice weekend.

First of all here is the link to the Time activities for the rest of the week. There are lots of things within this document and you are not expected to do them all.  Please just choose some and do them whenever you can.

TIme Ideas

Here is the link to today’s Story Time from Home.

This week there is no story writing.  You have to write and draw about ways that you can keep healthy.  Remember – the stories I read throughout the week might give you some ideas for this.

Tomorrow as you know is Marches Day in Linlithgow so there won’t be any blog post or Story Time From Home.  Below is a super picture of some bunting made by one of the boys in our class for this special day.

I’m sure it will look great in the window! I hope you all have a fantastic day and maybe do something special.

Fingers crossed the sun shines too!

Miss McDermott 

P2/1 – Friday 12th June

Hello everyone

It’s nearly the weekend again!

Here is today’s Story Time From Home – no interruptions from Tufty today mind you! The story has a very important message all about good listening which is just as important at home as it is at school.

Below is a fantastic cat story that I have been sent this week and I thought you would enjoy reading it too. It was written and illustrated by one of the P1 girls in our class

Hopefully the weather will be nice at the weekend and you will all get outside to play and do nice things.

Stay safe and I will look forward to hearing from you and sharing another story with you on Monday.

Miss McDermott