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A “Holiday” Story Time From Home – 10th August

Hello everyone

I do hope that you are all well and have had a lovely summer.

I am very excited about seeing you all later this week back at school and being able to read stories again to real children and not in front of a camera!  Here is a new story that I had ordered a quite few weeks ago now and I thought might help you practise your listening skills – which will be really important whichever class you are in!

Enjoy the new story and of course the last few days of the holidays.

See you soon!

Miss McDermott

Story Time From Home – Friday 26th June

Hello everyone,

Here is the link to the last Story Time from Home.

Thank you for watching the Story Time From Home videos which I originally was going to make just for my own class  but thought it would be nice to share with all the P1-3 children.

I know that lots  of you have heard me read these stories before so it has been lovely to hear that you have still been watching the videos.  Thank you for all your kind messages – it has been so nice to hear from you and know that you are doing well.

Please enjoy your summer holidays and take care to stay safe. I look forward to seeing you all safely back in school soon.

Miss McDermott

Story Time from Home – Tuesday 23rd June

Hello everyone

Here is the link to today’s Story Time From Home.

I hope you enjoy’s today’s story which is set in school and all about a teacher who falls in love even though she has some unwelcome visitors.  You will need to watch the video to find out more and to see another appearance by Tufty!

And here’s another link to a very short video of Cleo who it seems will only appear when I’m not reading the story!

Have a good day and thank you again for continuing to watch the videos.

Miss McDermott 

Story Time From Home – Monday 22nd June

Hello everyone,

I hope that you had a good weekend.

I can hardly believe that it is the last week of term and the last week for Story Time at Home.

There is no special theme this week.  I have chosen all the stories just because I like them and I hope you will like them too. Remember, if you missed any of last week’s stories you can still go back and watch them too.

I am sure that lots of you will know this story  – it really is disgusting and I do feel sorry for the poor badger. But like lots of stories it does have a happy ending.

Have a good day and if you’re having a sandwich for lunch, I do hope it’s a nice one!

Miss McDermott

Story Time From Home – Thursday 18th June

Hello boys and girls

Here is the link for Thursday’s Story Time From Home which once again has a keeping healthy theme.

You might have heard me read this story if you have been in my class but it does have an important message and sometimes it is nice to hear stories more than once.

I hope you are all keeping well and still managing to do some home learning for your grown ups and teachers too!

Miss McDermott

Story Time From Home – Thursday 11th June

Hello everyone,

Here is the link to today’s story.  The book was written by Nick Butterworth who is famous for writing the Percy the  Park Keeper stories.  I haven’t read this story in class before so it may be one you are not familiar with. It includes a very nasty rat but a lovely ending – I do hope you like it as much as I do ( and Tufty does – as you will see fom the video!)

Miss McDermott